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    I am a college student studying Mechanical Engineering and metalurgy
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    Backpacking, Woodworking, Leather working, Blacksmithing, and Swordsmanship
  1. CorLupi

    evil harry dread sword

    which character? I have read most of pratchet's books
  2. CorLupi

    Knife Show

    Ok I like these!! Do you design the blades or are they historical recreations?
  3. CorLupi

    Anvil Stand 3.JPG

    Interesting.... does it ring much on a strike, I have a bit of trouble with that with the stand that I currently have.
  4. Wish I was in NY , several look beat up, but with some TLC would really be useful .
  5. This is more a history question than anything, but I was wondering if anyone had some information on the different maker's marks of Solingen Germany. I recently acquired two knives, and one has a faded mark that looks like some sort of head, at first I thought it might be the wolf's head mark of solingen, but it is the wrong shape.
  6. Hey, does anyone know of a good place or a good person to contact to get a fire-pot? I just bartered for a new forge base and need to get a good fire-pot for it... Thanks
  7. definitely would be interested of some pictures of those animals that you were talking about FrogValley they sound like a good idea! Thanks everyone! you all have given me some grand ideas, now if just the snow would go away and let me get to my forge!
  8. yikes I didn't expect to get so many replies so fast, DKForge to answer your question about half hour to an hour, I will probably have to read the rest of the replies tomorrow though, school is already getting the best of me and I have not had the chance to fire up my forge in months and it is driving me crazy.
  9. So I have been asked to do some demonstrations and introduction to blacksmithing for some high school age kids, and am having a total lack of good ideas for some projects that would really interest them... this would be my first time teaching and I would greatly appreciate any ideas for projects that would be of interest to high schoolers, if anyone has found something that normally goes over well and captures the attention of the pupil I would love to hear about. I am not sure how interested these kids will be so I want something that can really capture their attention and interest them in Blacksmithing. Thanks
  10. I am kind of a new guy as well but I will pass on the advice given to me by the smiths that I work with, the best place for some good steel cheep is junkyards, broken, damaged or just old leaf springs off of vehicles are very good steel; however they do take a bit of work to get them into manageable stock. for mild steels and occasionally some good stuff try and get in touch with any machine shops in your area, and see if the have any scrap that you can take. Hope this helps
  11. Hello, Yes they can be used for knifes, the high end planer blades are made of some pretty good steel. Before you forge them though make sure that they don't have chrome or nickle in them I have never heard of a good planer blade that has those metals in the steel but with all the junk coming from china it is better to be safe than sorry. Annealing is an ok process for mild steels that you are planing on cold forging, but for higher carbons I just cut my working shape, and heat it up; be careful to keep a good temp in the part you are forging as higher carbon steels can crack very easily when hit at a temp too low. also when you finish the knife make sure to harden and temper the metal, mild steels don't need this process (unless you case harden them in vermiculite) but high carbons steels do, as the crystal structure of the carbon is what enhances the hardness of the steel, by quenching you form max hardness, or close to, and tempering relaxes this super hard metal into a more reasonable hardness for what ever you are planing to make, thus reducing the likely hood of your blade shattering. hope this helps
  12. Konbanwa, I have noticed that there are many differences between smiths in how they make their knifes whether the smith be from japan or western culture each smith has their own specialty, most of the people that I have met favor the Japanese knifes for preparing food because the design of the knife is more adept for the a very fine slicing bevel, a good western smith will incorporate this in the forging process, but it is difficult with high carbon steels, and the process that has been utilized by some of the higher end Japanese smiths makes a superb knife. I know of some western smiths that have adopted this style and even modified it, but in either situation you really need to do you research on the smith, the type of steel used, and the process that the smith put the steel through. Hope that helps Sayonara
  13. CorLupi


    Thanks all, and definitely agree with Frosty!
  14. CorLupi


    Yes it is, and how it spreads, my brother and I are both into blacksmithing and he is pumping me for what I learn in my metallurgy classes, which isn't much yet. CorLupi
  15. CorLupi


    Hello, I was doing some idea searching when I found IFI, and was glad to find such a treasure trove. I am semi new to blacksmithing, I was introduced to it by David Calvo a wood carver from Massachusetts, he taught me and my dad a few years back how to make our own tools for woodworking well my dad was hooked on woodworking and I became fascinated in blacksmithing. I am in college now for mechanical engineering, specializing in metallurgy. Once here though I found five smiths in the area and have been helping them out in their shops learning all that I can. I hope that I will have the chance to learn from you guys as well. Thanks CorLupi
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