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  1. hi guys, its been a long time since my last post (as drenched_in_flame) but i was wondering about a topic that was mentioned, i was planning on preparing for a project i want to do involving creating a specific pattern on a blade, the thought occurred that someone earlier had suggested acid engraving. right now all i know is it involves coating the blade in wax etching the design in the wax and putting it in acid,my questions would then be, what type of acid to use,any specific wax and about how long the metal should remain exposed to the acid, as well as any other specifics i should be aware
  2. in this book,(The blacksmith : ironworker and farrier by Aldren watson) it said that if the peice was big enough, the blacksmith would have an assistant called a striker pound the metal while he held it still. i was wondering, would a workable peice ever be so large that it would require more than one striker, or dose size have anything to to whith that? i am also wondering why the blacksmith would have an assistant be doing the striking insteand of him/herself while the assistant held the bar in place?:confused::confused:
  3. sorry if its a stupid question because i know im kinda far from this point but, when i actually think stuff is sellable, what would the best place to start to get sales be. or would it be best simply to make a website?
  4. OK, i have recived many sugetsions on the site sayng that i should do some reading up, i find it rude to disregard this advise. i mean, you can never know too much right? anyway in my first post on the site i got a lot of helpful info along whith two sugested reads "The Blacksmith Primer and DIY Backyard Blacksmithing, by Lorelei Sims. i was wondering if there were any other books i should consider looking into. all sugjestions are apreciated:) thanks scincerily---JS:D
  5. i am sorry if that is how i came across, it was not my intent to sound such. but i have no idea what questions like 'how old are you?' have anything to do with anything, and i know its not all about me. so if i did come off sounding like an "ungrateful know-it-all", then i truly apollogise, iit was the farthest from my intent,i mean, why would i aask questions if i thought i knew it all. and as to the last part, i was not getting "upset because know i didnt know", i was simply stating what i learned in response to apprenticemans question about what i thought was the difference, not trying to s
  6. thanks, now please every one, can we just drop the pointless distputes and questions that have nothing to do with the origional question, we've alredy wasted one page off topic.
  7. let me see, now correct me if i am wrong but i believe a sword is forged using a variety of techniques to make it not only longer, but stronger than a knife. it also has to be hard enough to hold an edge all the way down to the tip. aside from hardness, it also has to be strong and flexible as to, whithout breaking, absorb impact shock. and as a knife could be made from one peice of metal and still be fully effective, a sword would be too weak if it was all including the hilt and gaurd one peice of steel, so to avoid that problem, the blade and tang are made seperatly from the hilt and gaurd
  8. :rolleyes:beg pardon, i dont recall posting anything refrencing swords to do the jobs of chissles and hammers,unless you reffer to the strong steel thread in wich i hope i clerified what i meant by that, also, i dont really watch television shows and i am not to keen on videogames either. though i have done some of my own research long before i actually had the means to build my own forge. what i am trying to say is that many of the questions i have are just roundabout ways of varifying information,and verry few are to settle my own curiosity. so i also would dearly love to know how asking h
  9. how do i make custom chisels for engraving text in steel :D
  10. yes, thank you, but then, what method would be best to test it?
  11. forgive me, but what i meant when i said shear through stone, i simply meant as an axample, not is purpos, the only other example i cold think of would be to shear through another sword, but i get the feeling, though i can weild one effectivly enough, i dont think ill be in a situation that requires the use againsst onother sword, so i apollogise for not being thorogh enough to explain, it is simply an example of strength. i am sure there are some smiths who use the "break test" in wich they test the durrability of their wares to the breaking point so see how strong it is, i just thought that
  12. :D why do i get the feeling that i am being mocked? i did not say i wated to make a magical blade, just one of intense strength
  13. actually i also listed a the beginning, or knife blade, but still,nothin wrong whith knowing in advance is there? i also resent the implication that i would think of asword as a larg knife, having held both, i would be ashamed to not know the difference
  14. Jacob s


    ok, so this has been nagging at my mind for longer than i can remember, how would i go about embeding a jewel in the pommel of a sword?
  15. how do i make chissles?
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