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  1. Very nice, what is the blade thickness?
  2. Sweet, If you want some to test it for you for about 6 months or so let me know
  3. Verga

    Crude Machete

    To give it a fair evaluation, how about sending it to me for some intensive testing. If i don't like it I will tell you in about a week, if I do like it then in about 6 months, If I really like it about 6 years. {Big dopey Grin} Very nice
  4. Great description, thanks
  5. Do you have a pattern, and can I get a copy? Thank you
  6. Verga

    new knife

    Very nice job. How long and what type of forge?
  7. Great Job! Are these High carbon spikes, or the regular type? Thanks for showing the pics.
  8. This is an idea I have been considering. I might have access to a propane tank to make the forge, and all I would need is plumbing supplies and a blower to amke the burner. I saw one on instructables that was used to melt steel for foundry work.
  9. I will give you the original $10 plus 5 more for your trouble for it.
  10. Verga


    Hello My name is Verga. Thank you for letting me sign up for the Forum. I am interested in black smithing from the knifemaking point of view. I have already built 5 knives. Four were premade blanks that I had to put the scales on (and do a bit of sharpening) and the fifth was an old file that I annealed shaped and put the scales on. It is kind of crude, but it fits my hand and i like it. I have alot of experience as a wood worker and machinist and I plan on building my own forge. I am still going back and forth about using propane of waste oil. I have been quite a bit of research on both. any input would be appreciated. I also signe up with the local blacksmith club last week.
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