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  1. W2 tool steel with dyed yellow box elder. Last pic was taken previous to polishing out. Almost always a booboo or two to fix after the logo goes on so I don't waste the time anymore. Thanks for looking.
  2. Cool Piece! Keep them coming Theo!
  3. Nice work Brad! Nice to see somebody close pumping out quality work! If you ever pass through Saint John contact me and we'll do some forging! Cheers, Darren!
  4. I would trade a knife for a portion of that 2300lbs of steel....Just saying. Your call!
  5. Hey Swords ....you want a kitchen knife to be nice and hard. It does need any toughness as it will never be abused such as a hunting or a camp knife. In this case I temper at 400F to ensure you remove the brittleness but retain all of the hardness you can! 2 cycles at 400 works for me....but then again this is your shop. Keep them coming.
  6. Three thumbs up! Wicked patterns
  7. It's just under 9" might be the angle making it seem longer. Only angle I could get that showed off the Hamon. They're quite camera shy.
  8. Thanks guys and yes the Hamon was intentional.
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