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  1. When does one become the other? I only have limited experience with each. I have a project in my head: It's the imprint of a fist about 8" X 6" X 2" on flat sheet to be placed on the wall to look as though a giant was punching through from the other side. Either steel or copper, possibly dependent on the price of copper sheet when I hit the metal shop. Would you call it repousse or dishing??? (it's really a combination of both isn't it?)
  2. I found a great video! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NUS1ExIo8p8 He does it all minus electricity. I also found another video on how to build a bastard file bevel guide.
  3. Should the file, or the file teeth, be perpendicular to the piece being filed?
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! I've watched a few, and will continue to search for others. Draw filing is one of the things that is "so simple", but I can't find videos of. Nothing in depth, or with length at least. I watched a 10+ minute video about using sandpaper and a block to smooth and polish your blade. There has to be as much info to pass along about draw filing.
  5. I would LOVE to see a video of someone beveling and sharpening a knife blank using files and hand tools instead of a belt grinder. Does anyone know of such a video?
  6. Got my second session working on this over the weekend. It is really starting to take shape. Slow process, and I still have a long way to go. But it no longer just looks like a deformed hammer. I have a question for the next time I get to the forge: I know that generally when drawing you want to work from the end back, from the blade toward the eye in this case. Because I want a significant beard, I was thinking about concentrating near the eye. Pinching the metal to thickness, leaving a bulk to draw down for the beard. Is this a bad idea for any reason?
  7. Why can't you cast brass? You just can't get it hot enough?
  8. That is the cutest dragon bottle opener I've ever seen
  9. Beautiful symmetry, and consistency between the pieces. Just enough variation to give it life and not look machine made.
  10. Heard back from the knife maker. He said "twisted w that was not reoriented before restacking." Not nearly enough info for me to go off of. I've asked for more details, but maybe/hopefully you more experienced smiths can translate it into full laymen's.
  11. Like this? http://mathforum.org/pcmi/hstp/resources/dodeca/figure1e.jpg
  12. If it is just a real tight twist... Is it also a low layer count? It doesn't have the horizontal wavy lines that all the twist patterns seem to have.
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