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  1. Thanks all. Was a quick and nasty to get SWMBO off my back So didn't spend as much time as I should have on the finer details. And yes, the one scroll is more closed and lower than the other. Completely forgot to fix it. But she's happy.
  2. Little something I forged up for my wife. Cheers
  3. Thanks Frosty. Appreciate the input. Gauges are almost impossible to find here
  4. Thanks, after some paint and brass highlights
  5. A little light and shelf combo in a steampunk genre I have been busy with. Must still put the valve handle on bottom right and possibly a pressure gauge. Haven't quite decide weather to leave it industrial or do the whole paint and brass highlight thing. Comments and crit welcome:D
  6. Thanks. I get my inspiration from steampunk and these guys: http://www.feblacksmith.com/albums.htm Spend hours figuring out how these guys forge there art work
  7. Thanks all. The clock is also my favorite. Took some planning and quite a bit of work but was great fun to see it work out.
  8. Hi all Thought I'd share some recent forgings. Cheers RR
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