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  1. Well I cringed doing it but I used my rounding hammer- I have a mild steel hammer I used to strike the rounding hammer. My hammer wasn't touching the hot steel any longer than it needed to, and I cooled it between heats. Really though that was only for the final few heats, most of the work is done by using the "fish lips" effect- Alec Steele has a video on how to make a cupping tool, it's what I used as a guide
  2. Got a cupping tool made, picture is about 3 heats from being finished
  3. IDK about HF since I've never used em, but they last 2-3 times longer than anything else I've bought. That price is buying it off eBay or some such site, I use the discount my employer gets buying in bulk so it costs me $50 for a 25 pack. Maybe someone thinking about trying out the Walter can find 1 or 2 singles just to see what they think This is just my opinion Edit: I'm basing this off of when cutting tons of 6" pipe during demo phase in a job. A Walter disc would make 1 cut, and about half of the next. We had to use Menards discs for a day, it typically took 3 discs to get 1 cut...
  4. Their cutting discs last forever compared to all the others I've used, their flap discs last a while too. Not sure how much their flap discs are, cutting discs are about$60-$70 for a 25 pack
  5. Grabbed this 6" vise today. I have a 5" but the weight difference between the two is pretty big
  6. +2 for Walter. Their cutting discs last 2.5 times longer+ than anything I've gotten from a Menards, Lowe's, etc. Kinda pricey but as stated above, you get what you pay for
  7. 1/2" mild
  8. Made a few pairs of tongs this week to hold larger stock. Left and right pairs hold 2", middle pair holds 1 1/4 and 3/4". Wasn't until I had em riveted that I realized I forgot to make a set down on both sides....But, they work
  9. Thanks Reynolds, I'll post pics when I get it mounted but it may be a few weeks
  10. Wow, everything in this is pretty impressive. The machines are awesome and your work looks superb as well...You should post more often!
  11. I've always used Tillman gloves. I only wear it on my tong hand so I'm able to punch/slit/drift without my hand getting burned. Now if only I could find a right hander using the same pair.....
  12. I just made a few hot work tools from h13, a slitter and a hot cut. After flying through a piece of 2" mild square bar with the slitter, I'm now trying to locate a few feet of it at a decent price. I bought 3 pieces of 3/4" 6" long, and right off was surprised at how hard the steel was despite it glowing. The slitter got red when it got stuck in the 2" piece it was in, it was just fine though after I got it out- spring steel would have been ruined beyond further use. I'd like to replace some hot work tools I've previously made with spring steel with h13- I've only used it a few months but I'll never spend a lot of time on a hot work tools again unless it's h13
  13. Thanks for the info JME just got everything wire wheeled and noticed the 400 today. I'll get some oil in it and paint it this weekend probably, going to take a week or two to figure out how exactly I want to mount it next to my forge, I've got a few small upgrades to give my forge anyway
  14. Any information anyone has about this would be appreciated. Guy I know had it sitting on his farm that's been in the family since the late 1800s, 2.5" opening- it blows air right now just fine, figured I'd probably take it apart to grease everything and figure out how to properly mount it, I'll be golden "Champion blower and force co. Lancaster, PA Patented April 15 1902, June 11 and July 30 1901"
  15. Practiced slitting and drifting 1/2" round. I feel like this is harder than slitting and drifting square, thought the opposite would be true.