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  1. Send me the link to watch? Guess there's *gasp* a naughty word in the video...?
  2. Ace hardware is where I found em. Think they were something like $1.15 a piece. Haven't gotten around to messing with the 2nd one yet, not sure exactly on what I want the final look to be
  3. Wow, I just got mine in the mail today, this is incredible. Flip to a page and I start thinking of how I would make that design, turn the page "ooh, I could make this by starting here and...." It's never-ending lol Tons of pictures this is a visual beauty
  4. I've been trading a bottle opener for peoples shot coil springs. If they weren't interested in trading I suppose I might give em $5 for a pair, but I wouldn't pay any more than that. I've had some bad timing with mechanics having their scrap picked up the day before I call, so I resorted to Craigslist and still have found a couple pairs of coil springs
  5. Wow, did you do that under a torch? That looks awesome, and very time consuming too, great job
  6. Yeah I hope it gets easier as we make more. I did notice getting the pigtail right took maybe 10 minutes, half the time it took me on my first try. Of course getting the balance just right will take more time since when the design changes so does the balance. The face of my anvil is too small to set it on to check it, so I'd have to go from floor to anvil continually to check it out, took WAY longer than my first one, I'm guessing because this has more twists and I added 6" of stock to make a bigger heart
  7. Yeah "someday" we'll both "have the money" to just drop 2k on a brand new one right? ;-) Back on topic I tried a bigger heart tonight despite it being 10° out, man I fought this things balance for a good half hour before it was right, but I finally got it
  8. Yeah I actually have a stick of 1 1/4" 1045 I'm planning on making a hammer drift with, so I used it to wrap the wine holder around and double checked it, perfect fit!
  9. Gergely I like the bigger heart, as AUS pointed it looks stable. Actually it would be easier to make it stable as opposed to fighting it and taking 2 or more heats just to get it balanced nicely like I had to
  10. I was sent out to help with some welding at a plant that pours steel beams a couple years ago. It was really cool seeing how everything worked, but man I'd come home dirty, soot was everywhere
  11. Had to give this a try, wife's birthday is in 2 days so why not? 3/8" sq is all I had, so rounded it up under the hammer and hit it quick the whole way around with a grinder, can't tell it started as square now
  12. I have a few pairs of tongs that I'm really proud of, I spent more time making them than I should have but I wanted them to look nice. I made a pair of v bit tongs yesterday to hold 1.25" round stock, and I hurried through it and they are ugly. They work just fine, but it's certainly not something I'd show off. At the end of the day if I'm making a tool it can be ugly as long it functions correctly, but I'm going to take my time on anything I intend to show off or sell and be sure I get it done right
  13. Ah, that makes more sense. No I did not, I was thinking of making a thick chisel?? The fuller would have to be kind of on the small side wouldn't it, say 3/16-1/4"? (For the thickness)
  14. I drew the claw out on the horn of the anvil for the most part, just used a top tool to fuller where the claws meet the neck. The claws do need to be a bit thinner on the end, I think next time I'll upset the stock lengthwise a little so when I draw the claws out they will be thinner, and the length of the hammer won't be too long. I'm hoping to find some hickory at Menards later this week and I'll have it handled
  15. This is the first hammer I've made, tho I've made 2 handled tools already, this is my first hammer. It's 1045, started with 1 1/4" * 4", final result is 5 3/4" long, the face is 1" square on the nose. Biggest mistake I see is that the eye is 7/8 * 5/8, so it's more of a circle that was squished a bit, but I can fix the drift. I did get an hourglass in the middle of the eye, it's small but noticable It's far from perfect, but I'm mostly happy with how it came out. Thought I'd try this because I had some 1045 left over after making a drift for a 4 pound hammer I'm planning out of 4340 in a few weeks, but figured I'd give this a go. Drift for that is I think 1 1/4 * 3/4, I'd have to double check I'm not a fan of the "forged" look in the top picture, I just got a new blow dryer and maybe it's a bit stronger than the last so it's pushing more air than I want it to and oxidizing the surface a bit. I could have put the piece too low in the fire too, but that's something I typically pay attention to....O well I'd like your opinions!!