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  1. Finished a coat/ key hanger as a housewarming gift for my brother and his wife, and got started on a couple coat hangers for a friend's mom
  2. For the temper I ran it to the first, dullest red I could see in the shade. I hardened and tempered each head separately. After I had the one face hardened and tempered I wrapped the finished side with an old cut up t-shirt kept in place with wire. I made sure to keep the shirt wet while bringing it up to and soaking it in's got a nice bounce off the anvil, so the HT took!
  3. EJ I used 5 gallons of vegetable oil, threw a couple hot RR spikes in it first to get it warm. Honestly quenching it made me pretty nervous, but the oil never even got to the point of smoking, so no problem there. John thanks lol! I've never put anything on my boots other than a few coats of water proofing spray
  4. Well it took a while, but I finally made my first rounding hammer. Also took some time to make the needed tools (cupping tool, drift, eye slitter, top and bottom fullers) I also did a lot of reading this winter to figure out what alloy to use and the heat treatment process, but with some help of others I figured out what to use to harden it. 4340 steel, hickory handle Open to any constructive criticism
  5. Gave my 4 pound rounding hammer final grind tonight, just gotta get HT figured out and handle it now...going to make the handle myself
  6. Finished forging this hammer eye punch today out of H13. Wrapped the end in a water soaked rag for heat treat, and got it handled. I've got all the tools necessary to make a few hammer for myself now, can't wait! The cheeks are a little thinner than I'd like them to be, next one I make I'll use a wider slitter, the one I used was only 3/8" or so wide- hindsights always 20/20 right?
  7. I had some down time a few months ago and made one. I didn't have access to a welder just yet, but I knew I would soon, so I made it just by riveting it together. The only weld on it was to get the Hardy shank welded on the bottom. I was concerned the rivets wouldn't hold, but I've put a beating on this thing and it's good to go! Only issue I have now is finding decent priced tool steel to make dies with- using mild steel thus far has been just fine so far
  8. On the v bit tongs it may not be a bad idea to just with 1/2 and 3/4, or 3/8 and 5/8 ....saves you some money and you can always get a good grip on stock with slightly undersized tongs, or just toss the tongs in the fire and adjust them slightly for the perfect fit
  9. Well I cringed doing it but I used my rounding hammer- I have a mild steel hammer I used to strike the rounding hammer. My hammer wasn't touching the hot steel any longer than it needed to, and I cooled it between heats. Really though that was only for the final few heats, most of the work is done by using the "fish lips" effect- Alec Steele has a video on how to make a cupping tool, it's what I used as a guide
  10. Got a cupping tool made, picture is about 3 heats from being finished
  11. IDK about HF since I've never used em, but they last 2-3 times longer than anything else I've bought. That price is buying it off eBay or some such site, I use the discount my employer gets buying in bulk so it costs me $50 for a 25 pack. Maybe someone thinking about trying out the Walter can find 1 or 2 singles just to see what they think This is just my opinion Edit: I'm basing this off of when cutting tons of 6" pipe during demo phase in a job. A Walter disc would make 1 cut, and about half of the next. We had to use Menards discs for a day, it typically took 3 discs to get 1 cut...
  12. Their cutting discs last forever compared to all the others I've used, their flap discs last a while too. Not sure how much their flap discs are, cutting discs are about$60-$70 for a 25 pack
  13. Grabbed this 6" vise today. I have a 5" but the weight difference between the two is pretty big
  14. +2 for Walter. Their cutting discs last 2.5 times longer+ than anything I've gotten from a Menards, Lowe's, etc. Kinda pricey but as stated above, you get what you pay for
  15. 1/2" mild