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  1. I can hardly find time to get it front of the anvil anymore so I try to make good use of the opportunities I do have
  2. Made my wife a necklace holder today...I see quite a few flaws and improvements I could make on a 2nd try but it stands up fine and will serve it's purpose she likes it so I guess I passed my test!
  3. My brother is friends with someone down the road from him who inherited this and didn't want it so literally gave it to me. It's a bit beaten up, but there's no swayback on it so I wonder how often it was actually used other a table. Gave her the wire treatment and now we're on to mounting it! Anyone know what the numbers mean? There's also a lone "3" on the other side of feet from the 19447 leg
  4. Donniev

    Show me your vise

    Well after over a year without being able to forge, I finally started doing some driveway forging, so I set up my smaller vise to be easily moved. 4" jaws
  5. There's 3 holes in each leg for it to be bolted down, and 3 more in the center base. Definitely couldn't use it unless it's bolted down, right now it's sitting in my storage unit. Just getting to some stuff I've put off done now, had to sell my house recently, but that just means I have some time now to look to the future and "gear up" for when I buy again next year. Propane forge is next, just have to go buy a few things and I'll finally resume my frosty NARB build
  6. Been meaning to get to this for a while now, couldn't sleep last night so I went to the shop and welded this up. 6" jaws, probably pushing 200 pounds
  7. Judson is that first picture something that you just glue to the top of the screw to hide it?
  8. I'm curious of how you go about hiding screws holding your work into a wall. Ive seen small squares of textured steel over the screw in pictures, but I'm unsure of how it's done
  9. Have you tried it yet? H13 is great stuff- I've used it for a few tools, I don't enjoy forging it, but love using the tool later. I personally wouldn't try to hand forge any h13 over 3/4"
  10. Nothing comes to mind immediately...most of it is getting used to the weight of it, the other battle is fighting the tungsten/ wire distance, it has to be a perfect 1/8". Also we change tungsten frequently...since carbon is so dirty if any impurity gets pushed out near the tungsten it grabs on, and this isn't like doing it by hand, can't continue even with a slightly dirty tungsten. Has to be perfect...not sure if that'll help you too much or not, but that's all I can say on this so far
  11. Schd 40 this was just a practice one. Were not going to put the root in with it, I'll root everything by hand other guy will hot pass and cap it all with tip tig
  12. As you can see with the cold wire in the back, that weld was used to fine tune and adjust the welder, 2nd one is good
  13. Were not going to attempt to put the root in right away with tip tig until we've got a few weeks on it and used to it. My first root with it is almost perfect, key word almost doesn't mean much for an x-ray job though. The plan is for me to root everything by hand and other guy will hot pass/ cap with tip tig. If I remember I'll get a picture of my tip tig root tomorrow
  14. Yup, that's rust on my anvil and hammer... hopefully my sacrifice of the leaves sitting in my forge will suffice as my sacrifice to the blacksmith god's for this deed