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    Blacksmithing, hunting, Harley-Davidson riding and building, leather working, dogs (hunting dogs, sled dogs, livestock guardian dogs)

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  1. The anvil project went a step forward, I made the stand and mounted the anvil. Previously I did a few hardy tools.
  2. 80 € Gergely, it isn't a kirpputori. It's second hand store (owner could say antique shop, I could say junk shop.. :-) ) Maybe I buy it, it's, however, a beautiful decorative object.
  3. Good used anvil costs 2-4 €/pound in Finland.
  4. I couldn't try rebound. The horns ring well but in the middle of a face not so well.
  5. Hello! Who can say what brand this anvil is and what is the estimated year of construction? It's for sale at The second hand store. What a worth it is? Edit: An anvil weight is about 100#
  6. This is't forged work but iron though. The bolt heads are forged to look old. Otherwise the work is over but door is ready. The handle will be forged.
  7. I'm new to this and just starting to work on a hobby blacksmith. I have allways been interested metalworking, I have built motorcycle etc. I have maked parts myself, not bolt-on parts. Few years ago I had to make wall and gate for guard dog and i finally understood how relaxing metal works are. I have big family and hard job, my wife became illalla in the brain tumor four years ago. That's I need some "therapy" and I guess blacksmithing is good for me. I have been looking for affordable blacksmithing tools, last summer I found +100 years the old leg vise and few week ago the Swedish 1896
  8. So sad.. My four dogs passed over the rainbow bridge.. They are allways in my heart.
  9. Jouni

    Steel gate

    Thanks! I'm also pleased. :-) I had to say to many that it isn't for sale.. When I did it I realized how relaxing it is to make iron. :-) I love to make hands and use old objects again. Here are few of yesterday's projects.
  10. Few years ago I had to do a gate because we had to build a wall around our house for dogs. Base of Gate I wanted to put the old wheel of an agricultural machine. Around it I built the gate. The lock pattern was head of my puppy. When the puppy's nose is lifted, dog's canine rises up and the lock opens.
  11. I'm not blacksmith but next summer I make a forge and gonna start. The dogs I've always had. Now I have long haired dachshund, working English cocker, Polish Tatra dog and 13,5 years old mix (Finnish hund x pointing dog x border collie?). I hunt with three dogs. My wife afraid of wolves and therefore she must have a Guardian.. First pic is few years old guard dog was puppy.
  12. Yes, it's very interesting piece of history. It's important for me! Old tools have soul, I think. So I just never buy new and modern. I'm hunter, I have traps for minks and martens. These old traps I bought from second hand store in Sweden. It's illegal to hunt in Finland but I bought them as a props. History, it's very important.
  13. I'm from Revonlahti, 50 km below the Oulu. I'm very happy my new anvil, it rings so beautiful.. I wonder long enought to buy a piece of railroad rail and make an anvil on it. Lokomo is very good but I don't have enought money to buy one.
  14. Thanks for tips! I want to learn english because every day I need it more on my job. This is great opportunity learn it too. :-) I will be happy to receive tips and links to good videos. Maybe my H-D Shovelhead gets new forged parts for next summer..
  15. I'm so lucky, I bought it without I had seen it.. It was few minutes for sale I called and bought it right away after the call. Right/real price would been about 500-600 euros. Every day I search anvils, post vices and blacksmithing tools. Last summer I found a post vise, about 100 years old. It costs 80 euros.. :-) Anvil market in Finland is good, I only had good luck, maybe part of hard search. Today I cut old burned hammer to three pieces, I do few hardy tools these. Maybe my dream come true some day and I can make all the ideas out of my head!
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