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  1. Chris john

    I need help and do not know what to do

    Hi Jack i think you have the habaki missing off the blade .about the distance it seem out to me . normaly a piece of copper .look for in your yard . Chris
  2. Chris john

    What tool to engrave axe

    Acid etch like most armour was done
  3. Hi Heap magic job mate nice lines keep it up , chris
  4. Chris john


    A helmet
  5. Chris john


  6. Chris john

    2016 108.jpg

  7. Chris john

    My first attempt at armour

    Hi Mbmul175 Great first one for sure, a bit of time in that one . I did one a couple of month back ,thanks for showing . Chris
  8. Chris john

    A hawk 2 blades

    Hi Gergely Glad you like ,Thanks for your coment mate Chris
  9. Chris john

    A hawk 2 blades

    Hi Latticino thanks for your compliments just hammer and chisel and daylight . The stock was upset enough when i slit him and hammered him . LOL . if i wanted to make the jaw and beard bigger i would have upset the ends a bit . As for handles there so many varing different from tapered to the wedgeing . You probably right on handle wrap i havent thrown it thanks. Chris Hi tdaleh thanks for your time to coment appreciate . Chris Hi there Benton much appreciated thank you very much . Chris
  10. Forged from 1 inch coil spotted gum haft thanks . Chris.
  11. Not to good for you health wise try to skip plated material if you can any plated that is
  12. HI Angryscraps that steel is probably crome plated too not real good for you .
  13. Chris john

    Certainly not everybodys cup-o-tea

    Hi rhitee thats a nice piece of work . Chris
  14. Hi Matt yeh that would be the way to go a bit more contrast that way too Chris.
  15. Hi Matt here a pic of a similar bar one side off , could wack some nickle bearing steel between old saw mill saw works fine Chris