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  1. My first attempt at a flower. A Christmas gift for grandma.
  2. i dont have access to a welder but i think i might build a smaller forge. i have a big brake drum forge on blocks but its outside and i dont have a hood or chimney so it would be scary to sit by it without being able to duck and run haha. im set up under the end of the lean to where the lawn mower is parked so im limited on room. i hace a smaller brake drum i might try and just swap them out. i would like a small gas forge tho. i wouldnt lose my rings in the fire lol but thanks for the directions to look ill start lookin more
  3. im not sure if this really fits here, but im going to try. i broke my foot about a month ago and am going to be on crutches for a couple more months. i cant play around in the shop anymore. im looking for a small forge design i could sit next to or cold worked projects i might be able to do still. i was making jewelry before my injury and would like to keep working on stuff like that. and ideas would be great, im getting painfully bored lol
  4. Wow thanks, you just answered all my questions. thank you
  5. can weld, cut, if i cant, i have someone who can, have a friend 25+ years repair shop and regulator shop experience so if i cant, pretty sure i have help that can
  6. i have access to welders and tools and even an airtank/ regulator shop, (used to be airgas, now private owned)
  7. is there an adhehive i can use to hold the bricks together? would i furnace cement work? then blower, how big of a blower for how big of a forge and do i need a regulator?
  8. thanks. i think im going to try and find a place i could put a brick pile forge. right now i am just moving my rivit forge out when i need and set up shop at the end of the garage.
  9. can you use just refractory cement? or do you have to use ceramic blanket? i am trying to build on a budget
  10. Does anyone know of any books with information about gas forges i could possibly check out from the library?
  11. my first try at a straight razor. works great too. first shave with it this morning. i started with a chunk of file left over from making a folding knife. its not finished, will post when it is. but i posted this earlier on my phone. here are some better pics. i want to cut the bend off the end and wrap it with leather or stacked leather rings. the handle is to long for my hand but i can fix that ;) im going to try to work more of a hollow bevel on it later but it works now so im going to take it easy
  12. i made a couple "playin around throwing knifes" out of hay rake tines and had almost no pits and they worked great. i had good luck with files to but these billets are tough. im wondering if i should have left a different layer on the outside. will try next time maybe
  13. i am using coal in an 18 inch ratcheting rivet forge. i use a magnet to find hardening temp. i polish before hardening and after tempering. almost completely smooth before (i know ill have more scale to take off after anyway why finish it twice) then to finish polish after. i think i am burning the metal. i'm not sure what my material is. right now i'm using band saw blades and banding to make billets to work. i know the outside layer composition makes a difference but i don't know what they are, so i dont know what layer should go outside for less scale and oxidation. i do wire brush before w
  14. how can i avoid pitting when i heat a piece up to harden it? i tried covering it in borax but i still get some bad pits that take forever to grind out. most my projects haven't mattered but i am working on a couple blades and don't want to spend three days polishing. can i use something in the fire to keep my work piece from getting to hot before it all gets to temp? or is it the nature of the beast and there's just a lot of grind/sand work to do. i was thinking put a firebrick in and keep my blade on it for more even heat but my rivet forge is probably to small. any ideas?
  15. i recycled a folding utility knife and made a knew blade out of a file. still needs a paint job but its going in my pocket, here are some pictures. before blade prototype file layed out sharpening finished. i might add one after it is painted
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