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  1. A friend and I just finished pouring bearings in a 100 LG. The journals need to be cleaned to bare metal, all rust, dirt and oil removed. Tinned with 50/50 solder. We preheated the journals to about 400F and the instructions for the babbit was 685F for pour. The top caps were poured too cold and shrunk and had to be repoured. I must have read the LG book a 100 times before we tried the pour. It is not real hard to do but not easy either. Good luck on your pour.
  2. How are you going to get the correct temp to tin and pour the babbit without burning off the powdercoat? The bearings should have been poured first.
  3. Das, google "peacock spider", may be  some inspiration.

  4. Das, check out what's available here in Virginia for the youth thru the "Blue Ridge Mountains Council"
  5. J. C. used to be a welder until he was paralyzed in car wreck and is now confined to a wheel chair, so the medication is probably necessary and all he has is time on his hands. Thanks, Jerry
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