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  1. Picked this up a few months ago. 66lbs, ~3/16" plate, 85% or better rebound, and very clear ring. I assumed it was a Columbian??
  2. Anvil id

    All that doesn't matter until you find out what the rebound is. If the rebound is good, for that price buy it and figure the rest out later. My non-expertise guess just for kicks is Arm and Hammer...
  3. Anvil identification

    Looks like a Peter Wright, very good anvils. What's the rebound on it, and what was used to grind the face?
  4. Trenton List

    Yes they are both in great condition, better than 80% rebound each, sing as loud as larger anvils. Anvils do not last long for sale around here, and never see quality anvils for sale two days in a row. I got the look from the boss, but she knows it's for a good cause...
  5. Thanks for the video and good work! I can't wait for my boys to get a little bit older to help out like your son...
  6. FISHER anvil survey

    Thanks for the info! I think the plan worked, I believe he changed his mind about selling it for now. After the holidays I will have to contact him again and persuade him to sell me my first It is just amazing there is a Fisher in that nice condition out here...
  7. Trenton List

    Picked up my first Trenton today and my first Columbian about the same size the day before. I just received my copy of AIA last week and all of a sudden anvils popping up all over the place. Along with the Trenton for sale was a 150lb PW and 235 Fisher all in good condition.
  8. FISHER anvil survey

    Just curious to see if age can be determined for this 235lb Fisher I looked at today. The eagle is stamped into the body, 'FISHER' is on left side of front lug, and what looks like a 5 above the rear lug. No other markings found and the face is in great shape. Long story short, the owner might have changed his mind about selling the Fisher for now. Nothing wrong with that because after the holidays I might have another chance at getting my first Fisher...
  9. Just saying hi

    Welcome to IFI. Not many will laugh at you, some of us figured out the blacksmith interest the same way you did. Sounds like you are off to a good start. Look up TPAAAT to help with your anvil hunt, they come in all shapes and sizes.
  10. Any idea as to maker

    Are there any markings on the sides of the body or maybe the front foot? How is the rebound on it?
  11. Great video thanks for sharing. They just walk around way too fast, I was trying see the stuff in the background and off they were again. It's good to see somebody using some of that equipment.
  12. What I like is how you are taking your time and researching on your own instead of wanting to go ahead and just start welding and milling and fixing every little thing. Your anvil shows use by someone who probably made a living and used the anvil for what it is, a tool. Your rebound test told you that anvil is ready for more work to be done. Since you're starting out, just use it how it is. Read up on here on how to maintain your anvil without ruining it. One of my anvils when I first got it was covered in rust scale. Did the rebound test, maybe 50%, wire cupped it got to 75% or so. As you start using the anvil more, some of the marks on the face could possibly fix themselves. Your anvil is in good condition, just use it. That's a very good price as well, can't wait to see some of your work.
  13. Someone with a copy of Anvils in America can date your anvil from your serial number. The older ones had a top plate and I believe the newer ones with the tool steel top half. You could check to see if there is an A in front of your serial number. You don't need to buy ball bearings, just test with a hammer. Let the hammer drop on different parts of the anvil face and It should ring pretty loud and rebound nicely. If it goes thunk and no rebound it might have some hidden problems. This is just for this particular anvil, some anvils were made to go thunk but still have a good rebound.
  14. The number under the horn and the serial number on the left usually indicate Hay Budden. Is there a number on the heel with the horn pointing left? With the horn pointing right take a direct picture of the body or look for markings there. Can't tell from your pictures but is there a top plate or does it have a welded waist? Either way, do a ball bearing test to know the condition of your anvil. I have a few myself and they are around the 70-80% range.
  15. Hi from Kansas

    Howdy and welcome! Plant hanger looks pretty good from here