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  1. With my charcoal forge I have come to realize the amount of CO it can give off. With the right amount of air a blueish green flame hovers just above the charcoal. Not enough air and the flame disappears. A quick jet of air and the flame bursts back to life. I did some research and now think that floating flame is CO burning off. Even with an open air shop I decided to put in a CO detector just in case. Also I highly recommend having designated metal containers for holding anything that has come out of the forge so it can cool.
  2. Frosty, your mention of paper straws has me thinking: use tightly wound paper. Take a sheet of newspaper and start the roll on a toothpick. Once the roll has been started remove the toothpick. Keep winding the paper to the size you need, then cut tape trim. Should work very well.
  3. My anvil (and some of my tools) I bought off an old homestead that was started in the early 1920's. It's neat to know some of the history of the tools as well as the previous owners. One of the best from this old homestead happened in the fifty's. The old man was sharpening a chainsaw on the tailgate of his truck when a beaver attacked him. He grabbed the closest available item to defend himself which was a hockey stick.
  4. I love auctions, usually stay around to help clean up at the end. This allows me to pick up or trade for unwanted items. "Mystery buckets" full of rusted bolts, fittings, and scrap are usually left behind. I have found axe heads, hammer heads, odd tools, and plenty of antiques in these buckets.
  5. An excellent idea! Granted, the 5 ft saw blade I picked up from the sawmill would be a little big for this... Maybe I'll have to make a fountain or planter...
  6. Beautiful. If those were displayed in my yard they would end up full of bird shot holes within a week...
  7. I have to hand it to you. this is 'pawsome' work. Id like to wrap my fingers around this idea. Can't wait to handle this this digital project in the shop! (Come on Frosty, get your moose in gear!)
  8. That moose reminds of the local moose that walked into the Safeway here. Or is it one of many that have been caught lounging in backyard pools? Still that is one great looking moose.
  9. Keep your eyes out for real/fake leather couches. Nothing like skinning a wild couch on the road side. I wonder if it would be possible to make an set of bellows from leather boots keeping them intact and still looking like boots?
  10. A bit of Diesel poured into a metal can and applied with a paint brush works wonders on rust. A dab of Diesel and a little elbow grease with a brass brush will clean it up. Learned this trick from my boss when I worked at the museum cleaning old hand tools. Just beware: Diesel is hazardous and you only need a cupful to make it work.
  11. Thanks for some ideas. I think this is an excellent project we can all experiment with. Let's see some results! Good thing the local high school has a CNC plasma cutter, and that the shop teacher owes me a favor...
  12. My problem with making charcoal is the "bonfire around several barrels full of wood" method means winter is my charcoal making season. I am doing some serious research though into building a hopper for my charcoal modeled after an old timber ore bin. Current plan is a 3 cubic yard elevated top loading bin with a gravity fed chute on the bottom.
  13. Canada is celebrating 150 years and I have been asked to make some maple leaves. I would like some help and ideas on how to forge out of iron some maple leaves. They need to be about six inches square down to two inches square. I am open to any ideas and examples. Thanks in advance.
  14. In general there are three ways of dealing with hazards. After doing an assessment of all potential hazards you control them using: 1. Engineering controls, which are physical changes to your shop, tools, and processes, to reduce hazards 2. Administrative controls, which involves changing how you do things 3. PPE, which is used to protect yourself as a last resort I hope this helps, and if you are looking for more info on safety, look up the worksafe BC website.
  15. Nice! I like how it looks ready to scuttle across the the floor.
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