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  1. the flux part of this thread has been moved to the flux thread at the Alchemy section
  2. your video post has been removed because the foul language at the end is not "family friendly"
  3. You just had two people explain to you that the phrase heat treating has wide range of meaning and you can not seem to understand that. Instead you want to insult them and say you know much more than they do. There is no longer a reason for this thread to continue, this thread is closed.
  4. Mod42

    Cutting tools

    Calm down, and no we wont delete them. If you do not want to talk about it you should not post.
  5. I have had enough of you reporting every post here complaining about people posing things that hurt your feelings You have over stayed your welcome. GOOD BYE Dog-guy
  6. Threads are not removed as they are posted for everyone to learn from. I agree that face needs work
  7. Since this belongs in knifemaking HT I will relocate it. I recommend reading some of it before proceeding.
  8. Sorry, but after many years of deleting pages of quotes every day that are not needed, (yes that often) it gets tiresome to reread the same thing again and again, so I just deleted the screen full of text you quoted, not noticing your comments in there. It is due to past experience of people making useless quoting so often. Like the dog that shys away when it sees a shot gun even before it is fired. I will attempt to recover it
  9. Your other post has been removed as its the same as this post. He didn't mean to repost in another section here, he meant posting at a casting forum. Ti is not for beginners and it will be burning long before it gets to its melting point.
  10. says he want to be away from her yet continues to come back and make demands

  11. Knock it off or you wont have anything to be approved anymore, I will remove your ability to post anything.

    we will verify your posts when we find time

  12. you apparently do not know what ASO means, but that is no excuse to make personal attacks'
  13. timk Please do not post in all caps.
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