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  1. Depends on how much cost effective is for you, most cheap IR thermometers only range from -50c to 300c. The ones that go up to 1300c are about 80 to 100 euro over here.
  2. Thank you for the explanation, at the moment I am running it at 0.1 mpa. First time I fired it up I had it all the way to 0,4 mpa (about half of what the valve can regulate) and it gave me a flame of about a meter outside of the forge. Maybe this valve is a bit overkill for the size of burner I am using.
  3. Ok, so it should not be to blue or purple. Got it, I just gave it more air until the flame changed shape. I do not quite understand what you mean with "blown the end of the burner" Could you explain that again? The interior of the forge is indeed lime yellow, I think my main problem (after watching a Joey van der Steeg video) is that I have my anvil to far away from the fire. It takes me a good 5 to 8 seconds to get there and start hammering. (Fire is outside and anvil is inside) Mainly because my anvil stand was not quite ready, it was just standing loose on 2 sleepers. Yesterday I got
  4. Or go round with a gusset, all you need then is a little screw on the underside to keep everything in place.
  5. So, just before it started snowing.... I fired up the forge again to give my new 500mm flat tongs a shot. As suggested I turned the air intake to 11 and it made a huge difference. Still not able to really burn metal but it get hot a lot faster. If I hold the piece directly into the flame I get up to a very bright yellow, but that is as much as I get out of it.
  6. I know, but since the tongs are steel it will take some time for them to heat up, and I wear a thick welding glove on my left hand. Correct me if I am wrong in this.
  7. The only pipe I have laying around is 33,7mm, unless I try copper pipe, I believe I have some 12mm or 15mm left in the pile. I wonder what the idea behind my wolf jaw tongs was then, because those only fit into my hand (barely) when they are empty (and I have pretty big hands)
  8. Yes, that is what I was having trouble with, I had to use a lot of strength to keep the piece from pivoting. Combine that with the rather short reins and really struggle to hold a short piece of steel (that was also rather thick). Will at least try to make the reins about 10cm longer. From what I remember for the tongs we used a school, those reins where bend in such a way that they where about parallel when you held a something in the jaw (and crossing each other when you hold them with nothing in the jaw), is this normal? Or up to the user to decide. Edit: saw a post about tong terminol
  9. I was using 300mm Gedore Wolfjaws, but those or only able to hold very thin steel (maybe 2mm at max, or round/square bars. The plus side is that the handles on them are very thick (could be almost 12mm thick) so I may be able to draw them out or weld a longer piece on them. For now I just ordered some 500mm flat tongs (got it right that time ).
  10. Got to keep the wife happy, so its just thongs, clogs and apron It is a very blueish flame, picture is pretty much how it was in real life. I think the choke was about 4mm open. I opened it further at first but did not see any changes, will take of the training wheels and crank it up to 11 tomorrow.
  11. Is this another "hit paint can with hammer awards"? I am still seeing the effects of the last one I got here .
  12. Dont get me wrong, I love old machines. But working without that big red button is something that gets me the heebie jeebies.
  13. Finally got started, not really something I made myself. Long story short, my trainer had this piece laying around and because the original designer had a staff in mind about 45mm thick he could not really use it. So he gave it to me for a little tweaking So, after a bit of grinding to remove the paint I cut off the hook and point to try and make them a little nicer on the eye. After about 4 heats each they turned out like this. While they where getting nice and hot I also made a patented "Get small pieces of metal out of the forge when your thongs are
  14. Got the coating done and tried her out today, Closing of the back helps a lot with the heat, could not really close of the front like I wanted because the pieces I was working on where pretty small and I really need better thongs (get yourself some wolfjaw thongs, they are wonderfull for everything.... unless it any other shape then round...) She gets pretty hot, and a lot faster then I expected, but I have not been able to burn my metal. Will try again tomorrow with a more closed of front.
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