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  1. I meant high Manganese steels, I remember trying to do some welding on parts of a steel blasting machine.
  2. Should it not also be preheated and cooled off slowly? Or is that only with cast iron and other hard types of steel (like manganese)
  3. Nice one Latticino, rather regret doing it then live the rest of your life wondering what could have been.
  4. I get the feeling the post was all about the link, and not an actual question.
  5. I know that feeling, since I would always forget or misplace the the letters in the formula I would just repeat them over and over again when I entered the classroom. Put my notebook away at the last possible moment and as soon as I got my exam and paper, write every formula and what I was for on the paper. Getting a 1.7 (a D is a 5.5 over here, so a 1.7 is 5 levels of F) for French I could live with (my mom not so much). But failing math or physics hurts real bad if you never make a mistake on paper, as long as you have a book with the formula with you.
  6. Before you point a finger at someone/something remember that 3 fingers are pointing back at you. In any situation, before passing blame, look at what you can do to change it, if nothing can be done by you or in your sphere of influence it means it is not in your power to change the situation and you should not worry about it. If you let go of things, it gives you two free hands.
  7. ooo, going deep are we. 1st one: You are dyslectic, not stupid 2nd one: Don't ever listen to people who try to hold you back, who have no job, no life experience or actual knowledge about anything. Do what you think is right, fail or succeed, as long as you learn something from it. 3rd one: Always listen to two sides of the story, don't jump to conclusions before you know more then the other parties involved, and keep an open mind.
  8. When I worked as a hydraulic mechanic I used an old pair of tights my then girlfriend "donated". Ideal for light grinding work and tacking, when you don't need them you can just pull them dawn and they "store"around you wrist. Pretty nice when it is way to warm to wear leather or a thick welding jacket. Don't expect them to last longer then a month.
  9. Got this as an early birthday present from my wife. Thank you mister Powers for the suggestion.
  10. Its a biscuit roll with raspberries, whipped cream, mascarpone cheese, mint and little chocolate Easter eggs.
  11. Pretty easy to find hardy tools for then, my PW has a 30mm+ (I believe 1 1/4 inch?) so it is very hard to find hardy tools that fit.
  12. That indeed looks like the 1860-1890 age range. Looks very nice, does it also have the 30mm hardy hole?
  13. Bandsaw + beer = seeing 2 thumbs less on one hand.
  14. That picture put a smile on my face, cute little anvil with a huge stump and some hefty chains. Reminds me of the flatbed truck with the tricycle on it. Since it FINALY stopped raining and I was able to put some things outside to reorganize my shed I now have a pretty nice workbench Next on the list is to make this wall more useful, al the wall shelves are left by the old owner and I want to replace the right one with some racks for my steel (which is now taking up space on my bench). Its good to have a wife that loves to cook, I am such a lucky man. One day I will die fat and happy.
  15. Looking at field hockey stick they are made from "wood" reinforced with either plastic or fiberglass. Its a nice idea but also 3 times as expensive as just using a existing axe or sledgehammer handle.
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