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I Forge Iron

Quad state September 22-24, 2023

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Just got my flyer in the mail for this years Quad state.

Mark Aspery will be doing a demo this year. 

Along with Lin Rhea, Richard Sulivan, Allen Kress, Clayton Spencer, and the Cinci guild. 

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Thanks for the heads up Billy,


For those of us not on the mailing list, do you mind putting in the details, time, place, costs, etc.  I was trying to look for information last week, and was not able to get anything for 2023.  

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As far as demos go the only one i know for sure is Mark Asprey will be doing his at 6:30 Friday evening. 

Cost is $65 in advance or $70 day of. Your spouse/kid (under 12 free) can join for another $20.

You must also get a SOFA membership, $20 for a year. 

Camping on site is available. limited electricity and RV hook ups, those must be claimed in advance. No sanitation hook ups, restrooms and showers are in the buildings along with outside portajohns. 

No campfires are allowed on the ground, so if you wish a fire bring something to get it up off the ground. 

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JHCC, thank you for the correction. I completely read that wrong. So no a membership is not required. 

They should have the details up in the next couple days, keep checking back. 

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I'm still waiting to find out if I have a work conflict that week, but I hope to be there by Friday evening at the latest. If there happens to be boudin available, I would not say no.

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I always need boudin. 

I will get my daughter to makes us a pot of chicken and dumplins for a nice lunch on Saturday. She has gotten pretty good at making them. And no she does not use canned biscuits she actually makes the dumplins. 


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Purple Bullet,

My wife is from south Louisiana, and if you keep taking about bringing Cajun food, I may have a free pass and company for quad state.

(On another small world note, her stepfather was a diver…)


Keep it fun,


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12:00 PM - Preparation and Tailgate Sales

  • Experience the largest gathering of blacksmiths in the US!
  • If you need something for blacksmithing and you can’t find it at the Quadstate tailgate sales, it doesn’t exist!

6:00 PM – Opening Ceremony and Friday Night Event

  • Opening Ceremony and Introduction of Demonstrators
  • Friday Night Event: - Forging Demonstration - by Mark Aspery


9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon & 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM Concurrent Demonstrations:

  • Lin Rhea - Bladesmithing
  • Clay Spencer & Alan Kress - Tooling
  • Mark Aspery - Classical
  • Richard Sullivan - Gunsmithing
  • Cincinnati Blacksmith Guild - Basic Hands-On Instruction

See Quadstate 2023 Booklet or on the SOFA website for more information about each demonstrator and their demonstration.

5:30 PM - Auction (Site D)

7:30 PM - Forging Competition

Tailgate Sales Open All Day

Gallery Open for viewing - 8am-5pm & 8:30-10pm


8:45 AM - Presentation of Awards and Prizes

Tailgate Sales Open until Noon



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Well, friends, it looks like I’m going to have to miss again this year. Sorry if I got your hopes up for chicken and andouille gumbo for nothing (sorrier still to miss out on chicken and dumplings) but sorriest to miss out on seeing and talking face to face with you folks. I tried to make a knife show last weekend and my ankle blew up like a balloon and it took days to recover. That wasn’t a tenth of the walking needed for Quad State. I just don’t heal up as fast as I used to, but I’m not ready for a wheel chair yet. Maybe next year.

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Sorry to miss you, whatever the reason.

My own attendance is a bit doubtful at the moment, as it's going to be a busy weekend at the yarn shop and my wife's usual assistant is not available. We shall see....

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One thing to be a little wary of is that even though the official tailgating opens on Friday, there is a bit of a history of folks getting to the site days earlier and setting up sales.  I have heard of the same anvils and the like being sold multiple times during the week, starting as early as Wednesday... with prices increasing at each sale.

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PB, sorry to hear ya wont be making it. 

The wife will be joining in on the fun Friday with us, she has to work on Saturday. Hopefully all the good deals wont be gone by Saturday so that she does not see how much i spend and i can slowly introduce the new stuff over the coming months to her. 

Fun story, a couple years ago i put a deck on my house. My dad could not find his hammer drill so he went and bought a new one. When we got done he told me to put it up at my house for a while so my mom did not find out he bought it. Almost 3 years later he still comes over to borrow his hammer drill. 

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