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  1. I was thinking more about the little noise makers with blanks, not one to actually fire a ball. But I would test to failure if I ever decided to play with the idea. Never done anything with gun building, so would have to really spend some time researching first for that route. Getting some ideas for the smaller part inside the larger part, then forged welded and shaped into a peen. Cutting a pattern in to the outer tube to expose the cavity between.... Might work. Might be a disaster.
  2. Once clean you may recoat with high zinc spray paint. Used in the fencing industry to coat cut ends, etc. You will get the protection as long as there is less than 1/4 " gap it will work. Much easier and safer than the std process.
  3. I love it when I read the responses and think, yep, makes perfect sense now that someone else said it. Will give them all a try and see how it turns out. The cz26 is interesting. I believe most of these are friction welded to solid stock on one end. And the second end is already threaded internally though it is probably difficult to see from the photos. Actual dims are 1.5" od(38mm) 1.08" id(27.4mm) .0.212 thick(5.38mm). End has internal thread for a m30x1.5. Has a hole drilled near each end, but could easily be plugged to do some canister. The cz26 made me thin
  4. Looks really good, but a bit of advice if you don't mind. Might want to make the tips a bit wider. Most felt hats are out of style now, but may come back eventually. Light hats would be fine, but heavier hats and coats would appreciate a slightly wider place to sit. I do see your grinder marks, and that is always a matter of taste. If you like the style, keep using it. Or experiment with other textures. No stresses on decorations. Find what fits for your style or what your client/friends want. Best not to lock yourself in to anything you don't enjoy.
  5. I have access to some 1045. 38mm od and about 5 or 6mm thick. Have some solid stock about .865 dia and about 12-14 inches long. Will be using those to walk my son through intro knife making. Only use I can think of for the tubes is to flatten into an oval and use to buffer the heat of the forge for some nice easy soak time without worrying about oxidation. Seems like a bit of a waste for decent hardenable steel. Any other ideas for the tubing? Both shown in the picture.
  6. Hit a pickup and pushed under mostly. Didn't even trigger the air bags. Likely pulled off when they pried the car out. Was done before I got there, different angle shown here. Have one of the truck bumper as well somewhere.
  7. That was a bit long winded, but it was the Mazda that was hit. The crown Vic has a button in the left wall of the trunk you can test by tap, and it will pop up like a turkey timer. The Vic will be returning to glory today I'm sure. The Mazda on the other hand: Picture says it all. Wife has a fracture on her right leg, and is hobbling around in a boot just fine. Should have been a lot worse than a cracked bone and some major bruising. She likely cracked the bone by kicking open the door because she was worried when the wind got knocked out of my daughter and she couldn't respond.
  8. Thanks for the update Glenn, really good news.
  9. Hope everyone had a pretty good day. I just wanted to take a minute and relay my day, Wife gives me a call as I'm driving back into work, and can barely tell me the car is totaled and where she is at. Of course I comfortable her and remind her things can be replaced, she can't. So naturally I turn around and head out to pick her up, another 30 minutes north of where I work. She was on a trip to take her great aunt in for a check up. She is staying with us for a few weeks, to recover from what will someday be a lifetime movie channel multipart movie. So I get ther
  10. I read this very slowly near the end hoping to hear some good news, did you get the job and are so busy you have not updated? Or do you have some pearl of wisdom that might help the next Smith with big aspirations?
  11. Picked these tool boxes up for $20, full to the hilt. The old freon converted to air tank for $3 and the saw for another $3. Paid another $20 for the welder. Definitely a good day.
  12. Sounds like he was already keeping an eye out for Sean. Will send out a few thankful prayers, and a few more that this isn't too much of a trial.
  13. Send over a piece and I'll count them for free. ;) nice work, looking forward to see where it is going to go.
  14. Be a good opportunity to test several methods and see which works best on your wood.
  15. Nice work. Definitly something to be proud of. Any backstory on how he got the commission?
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