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Even with my auto darkening hood I like to shine a light on the work. It's worth it to spend a couple bucks more for one you can adjust the shade. 10 is good for stick welding but mig wants 12 or darker and tig darker still, you tend to lean in closer when tigging. I do anyway.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Agree with others in getting an auto darkening hood. 

They are usually adjustable for shade darkness and let you see the work before you strike an arc. 

Like frosty said, if you still have trouble, light up the area to help you see better. 

The bigger the sight window the better you will see, but prices obviously go up the better you get. 

Harbor freight and Hobart have some affordable auto shade helmets. With the amount of welding I can tend to do I upgraded to a Lincoln Viking 3350 with a 4c lens. It is really nice and clear but you certainly don't need to start out with a $300 helmet.  I've used both the cheap harbor freight and cheaper hobart helmets with no real issues. 



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Toptip about extra light, make sure it is not shining in over the back of your head. You get reflections in the glass otherwise.

I'm apparently the only stupid with fixed glasses (amd the small ones, not the doubles). I use a din 11 for stick an go to 12 or even 13 for mig. Lower and my eyes start to water, most people go 1 lower

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