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I Forge Iron

Kettle Head

Scott NC

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I missed this. (Probably other things too lol) 

I like it. Nice use of the red glass for the eyes. The teeth parts remind me of a ring possibly out of a transmission? 

I've been saving glass pieces from busted headlights (can't think of the name but almost half spheres that focus the beam) for use as eyes on future pieces. They are big so better for bigger sculptures.

Now I need to go back through the sculpture section and see what else I've missed. 

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  Thanks Das.  Those teeth are made out of a big lock washer that came off a large roller bearing.  I've tried bending them into a "smile" but they turn out all goofy looking, lol.  I go back and look at stuff on here from time to time as well.  It's too bad a lot of the photos are gone, I'd like to see what they were talking about!

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On 9/7/2020 at 1:43 PM, Nodebt said:

  A friend gave me a broken cast iron pot of some sort and wanted something unique in return.  I'd say he got what he asked for.  Tricky stuff to weld to.  One of the eyes would not take until I bought the correct rod.

NoDebt, yes very tricky to weld. He certainly got something unique. What are the eyes? Bulbs?

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Well, I was suffering from a momentary lack of reason there for a bit.  :)  Back on an even keel now, so.....

  Robert, I have some things set aside for you as well.

  Thomas, not likely, but I plug along anyway....

  Tw, what on earth is a Franklinbucket?  I have ideas now about metal 5 gallon buckets.

  Jerry, you hit the nail on the head, you have amazing powers of observation.... I am working on bizzare, koo koo, and atrocious, NC style!!!!  Still a bit environmentally maladjusted though.  But I'm working on it.....  :)

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