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    Farming, you have to have interest in it to do it!!!! and now metal work.. I can turn my hand to nearly anything but metal work has got me!

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  1. Thanks D.C. I was thinking the same thing. Pity the stamping is a bit haphazard. Nice to have an anvil with at least a good face and edge. My old girl I got years ago, had no heel, hardy etc.. all edges were damaged except the horn so has been a challenge to do some things. Very happy with this girl
  2. I recently purchased a Soderfors anvil, 200lb made in Sweden. Stamped with 1923.. There is another stamp under the 200lb impression but cannot read it.. Starts with a D***** Can't wait to put it to use.. One side of the face has some damage, but otherwise in good condition. Now to clean it up and oil it
  3. Another excellent sculpture Aus... as for eating one, if you can catch one without it killing you, you would be doing well. Helped a fauna park try to move a male into the females enclosure. It kicked apart a steel gate made of 2inch gauge solid steel square bar. Then tried to kill the female... Dangerous animals when they want to be
  4. Very nice Ausfire. Keeping it simple gives it much more depth sometimes. Well done. They are all excellent.
  5. Thanks Ausfire, what a lovely offer. If I am heading north I will definitely contact you. It is a great festival seldom Thanks Frosty. Not scrap, revival. Pretty much everything gets re-used, recycled around here. And metal is definitely not scrap for all of us on iforgeiron!!! What a great use of resources
  6. I agree, there is so much use for scrap metal than just crushing it. I am off this week to have a hunt around a few clearing sales, hopefully I will come home with some BOOTIE!!! Then I can start my next project with a good supply of metal to work with. Thanks all for liking the images.. It is a great show and if you ever came to Australia that would be the time come. October..
  7. The festival was originally formed for farmers to do metal sculptures/art. Thus most of the sculptures are made of farm machinery, implements, etc. it now has a large participation rate. Great for the town of Lockhart that had many years of drought and high stress on farmers.
  8. Just put up a new post of the Spirit of the Land Festival Daswulf, you will enjoy them. Just a few, more if people want to see others. Yes, Jack of All Trades, Master of none is a good saying here as well. Yes, there is always something else to learn.. I seem to be learning everyday... which is a good thing.. Now to have a day off!!!
  9. Spirit of the Land Festival. Held in Lockhart, New South Wales, Australia each October. Some of the best sculptors in the country had work here. Enjoy the pictures. Andrew Whitehead (Scrapartoz) is the sculptor of the ram and working dogs and horse. Coins are "Two Up Coins", a game played each year on Anzac Day, our most important day for remembering Australian soldiers who fought/died in wars. These are similar to ones my brothers made. Just beautiful and they span very well.. Great wind veins.. If you want any other information, let me know Best two day metal festival in Australia and a country (bush) region event.
  10. Will put some pictures of the Spirit of the Land Festival on a new post. YOu will love what you see. Some extremely talented people
  11. Afternoon Frosty, thank you for the lovely welcome. I am getting more drawn to metal with each day.. Now I see bits of old metal and say, that would make a perfect nose etc.. I found the sub-frame the most frustrating and difficult. I found it hard to think of the dimensions and converting ratio's.. But with each one as you said, I am hoping to get better and find it easier to construct and visualise. Yes, life and motion are important and extremely hard to portray... I wish I was an artist that had a better visual understanding.. I will get there in the end I hope. I have imagined Thomas caught in the fence a few times since he said it... and gets me laughing each time.. If it had been night the light display would have been spectacular.... Cathy Thanks ThomasD, appreciate your comments.. Glad you can see the healer in him.. He was an extremely good dog, worked well on the farm and was a great companion.. I was told the eyes are the window,, and I agree. I did his eyes several times before i got what I wanted.. He had a steely look.. Hello Ausfire, it is an amazing festival.. Each time you look you see a different technique, method and all made with love.. It is certainly worth the while going. We camp at the reserve or the football oval for the weekend. Yes the rhino and wrens were very good.. The website did not show many of the examples.. I will post a few others up later that were amazing. IT is a nice weekend off the farm, and seeing things i can only aspire to. Cathy Kindest intention is understood. I work on the farm and you either read, see or learn things the hard way here. I have been taught there is no excuse to try and do something. Each time you learn you can and get more skills. I would be called a JillAroo... I can turn my hand to nearly anything if I try or need to.. LIFE ON A FARM1!! just perfect
  12. I shouldn't laugh but I am ThomasPowers... Chainmail and electric fencing.. that is a collision with disaster.. Now you check the fence before going over it!! That is one big hike with Chainmail on..
  13. I thought I might hook him up to the mains... Then my husband said,, ""a bit much, you would kill them" so I might settle on the electric fencing unit.. Would see sparks at night when they touched him, and they would be thrown a good distance.. It is a very good electric fence unit haha! Daswulf, yes Andrew is a huge influence.. First time I saw his work, even his early work I thought now there is a man of vision and extreme talent. He can see things in metal that I could never imagine, and the parts just meld together..I am hoping Andrew is going to hold another course so I can attend and learn more. This year at the Spirit of the Land festival he displayed the Ram and working dogs.. Was spectacular.. He always gets my vote..
  14. Thanks Ausfire for the welcome. Yes Scrapartoz is a genius as are you!.. I go to the Spirit of the Land each year and always come home with ideas.. Andrew has also given me concepts to think about.. like the subframe and construction.. And you may be right about bush dwellers we may have a better chance.. we drove 4 hours to get to clearing sale the other day, had to wait 8 hours for the item to come up and managed to get it... Long slow drive home.. Well worth it.. And yes,, scarifier points are excellent and definitely beaks and ears.. Take care Thanks ThomasPowers, yes he is very minimal, and definitely has that look of schauzer when you look him in the eyes.. No chasing cars, more likely get hit by trucks here!!!! I would love to put him near the gate but a person near by put up some wooden dogs at his gate (family group) and by the end of the week all the pups were gone!!! now the only one remaining is chained to the fence... A great pity!
  15. Tubalcain2, he was a Blue Healer... Good guess.... So glad you can see what he was!! Makes me feel very satisfied. Thanks Thanks Daswulf, Good idea on keeping an eye out for scrap. And thanks for liking my sculptures.. Can't wait to do more.. just have to do some planning and see what I have to use to make it!! Scrapartoz as well as Ausfire are extremely talented.. I will be happy to get 1/10 that good. Here is picture of the frame in construction.. Cut a lot of it away while he progressed.. Some stayed.
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