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Diy anvil build

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Hello my name is Ben known in some circles as bwiz.    Im in the process of starting my blacksmithing journey.   Im attempting to build a somewhat modified version of a sledgehammer anvil.   My thought is to lay a 12lb sledge horizontally into a good sized log buried vertically about 3-4ft.   From there notch out about half of the sledge head and screw the second piece through the hole of the sledge creating a slightly larger and more flat working surface.   My question is... is this a good idea or a waste of time and should i just use the sledge head alone? With all this being said I know an actual anvil is better but im trying to start low budget before I put much financial energy into the craft.   Any input would be greatly appreciated!  Want to get pounding metal as soon as possible.



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From experience. You are much better off putting the sledge head in vertically. Using the striking face as your anvil face. There are a few threads about sledge anvils already on the site that are worth going through. But this is the one I used till I bought an anvil shaped anvil.15493163848064457659961419382066.thumb.jpg.22f577694987ee2a31b0d972f4d4d28b.jpg

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Welcome aboard Wiz, glad to have you. 

Nah, don't do that to the poor sledge head, it'll be much more effective mounted like Eventlessbox mounted his. You don't even need to get that fancy. You cna do your straightening directly on the anvil block to better effect.  A large anvil face isn't as useful as it would seem virtually all your forging is done on an area of the face only a LITTLE larger than the hammer face. 

Ditto Bigguns, don't bury the block or sure as the sun's yellow you'll need to move it.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Do what Eventlessbox did. A larger face makes some things easier especially if you're doing it alone. Punching a hole is one example. I got around it by putting a log that's the same height with a chain hold down next to my vertical rail anvil and put the cool end on the log under the hold down with the part I want to punch on the rail. It was much easier after that.


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Alright folks!   Mostly ready just needs fine touches.   Base is a little unlevel but other then that i think im ready to rock! Thanks for the input everyone and any feedback is welcome.    Now to get my forge finished up so i can start pounding steel!



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