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  1. Followed me to work technically. A bday gift from my sister with another pair on their way from another sister. They are Caliburn small vbit bolt tongs.
  2. Ty. The middle was the second one I made and was done with minimal instruction. Was my I walked you through the first. Now do it again. I'm tickled pink with how they turned out.
  3. Today I had my first of what I hope will be many one on one lessons with a local smith. These are my finished product. To any other novices, if you can find someone or a group i highly recommend. Corrected a lot of form issues early on. And i had a blast.
  4. Your lucky. The three yards near me all have single buyer contracts. It all gets shipped to China.
  5. I know that it is a hay budden. One of the anvil gurus will be along with more info shortly. Make sure you dont grind or mill the face at all. A well know reputable brand. Way to go.
  6. Yall are great. Just picked up a few old crowbars I was planning to make my first set of punches, chisels and splitters from. This is perfect timing.
  7. Indissagree with this statement completely.
  8. There are a few of us on the forum who have posted our thoughts and experiences both good and bad with Kanca anvils. One of the retailers will ship anvils under 150 pounds inside the US for less than $20. My 110 pound Kanca cost less new than a comparable used anvil of similar size in my area. Definatly take the time to put in the research. This is a tool that with proper care will last not just a lifetime, but several.
  9. My forge is a devil forge. I found that the coating that comes with is really in line with the cost of the forge (kinda cheap). A layer of Kast-o-lite is probably I good idea for longevity.
  10. Yeah. Mid 90s and up with at least 75% humidity for at least a month now. Though this last week has been torrential downpours so even worse.
  11. I have a humidifier, it's called being in Florida. Lol.
  12. I just went to tractor supply and got some big hose clamps and daisy chained them. That way when they get loose I just screw them down a bit more.
  13. Awsome. Chris thank you for that feedback. Luckily a bandsaw was a missing element from my woodshop so quite happy to have that element. Good to know that it's just not a worth while effort to convert it. Be a shame to end up with no bandsaw at all.
  14. Frosty, With it being belt driven, would I be able to change out the step pulley for a slower speed. Mind you I'm quite happy having a bandsaw for wood. Just wondering if there would be ways to modify it for both. With the open body im not even opposed to switching the motor out to something variable speed. Heelerau, That's what I thought. Pritchel hole and everything. My 12yo is down for the summer and i thought I'd mount it for his height as a starter anvil. Hes been excited to try his hand at smithing. Worse case if he doesn't get into it I figure I'll cut the webbing and make it into a nice slender hardy bick. And when I asked him what he wanted and said go ahead and take it.
  15. It does. Runs well. The blades it has are for wood.