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  1. HojPoj

    Getting cement out of a forge

    Then I'd see about drilling some shallow holes to weaken it, then go at it lightly with the air chisel. Unless it's keyed to the cast iron in a lot of places you should only need to get a few big chunks out to clear the lot of it. Even though cast iron is fairly brittle, it's still more ductile than cement, take it easy with the chiseling and there should not be an issue with it cracking.
  2. HojPoj

    Getting cement out of a forge

    Get an air chisel or hammer drill. If it's cement it shouldn't be an issue, if it's true refractory then you might have some trouble depending on the variety, but then again you may want to consider whether the addition is actually impacting your ability to use it. I second the suggestion to fire it up (slowly) to drive off any trapped moisture, then crank it up to see if it can take the heat.
  3. HojPoj

    Second forge build the “Micrini”

    Most of the refractory products have a firng schedule to reach max performance. Typically a ramping profile starting at candling flame slowly working up to full blast. Given that this level of flame control is difficult at this scale, it will involve firing it up for a minute, turn off, and turn back on for shorter periods of 'off' time to modulate the heat input. The hobby metal casting guys generally do this over an hour's time if they're impatient.
  4. HojPoj

    jabod ?

    Don't call it a forge, it's a 'raised fire pit'.
  5. HojPoj

    Treadmill motor pitfalls?

    JHCC, that'd look WAY too professional! I want my MacGuyver credits!
  6. Sounds to me like you're stuck with whatcha got. The only other thing that pops into my head would be attempting to hardface the dies, but that'd pretty much eliminate the precision you got with the machining, and I (not having any experience with cold working) don't know if the less-hard substrate would hold up to the abuse and not mushroom.
  7. HojPoj

    Shop floor

    Depending on your local climate and the equipment you plan to put in there, I've seen a lot of guys say that the dirt floors result in a lot higher humidity in the shop- mostly an issue for transitional times of the year when you don't want condensation all over your mill or lathe (should you have that kind of equipment). Having just added a lean-to to the rear of my shed and used it as a top coat, I'd say you'd do just fine with crusher fines (or 'stone dust' as some might refer to it). once you do the initial wet-down the dust isn't much of an issue. Only ~$20 a ton, too!
  8. HojPoj

    3D printed plastic burner experiments (photo heavy)

    Are you considering posting your designs to Thingiverse? Printing the parts for casting had been on my list for awhile, particularly for a NARB, just haven't gotten to experiment with the holes and sizes. For the interface to the mixing tube, are the intakes using threading, or just slipping over the pipe section?
  9. HojPoj

    3D printed plastic burner experiments (photo heavy)

    ...and what material?
  10. HojPoj

    Built a New Furnace

    I've made a furnace out of a 20lb propane tank, and it only needs a 3/4 Reil burner to do Aluminum. That said, I believe 4" was the recommended outlet diameter for that size furnace. May want to double check on AlloyAvenue (look for the .pdf book by user Anon).
  11. HojPoj

    How to forge an edgewise Holdfast video.

    JLP, this was an excellent video. Thank you so much for taking the time to document the build and showing how it's used!
  12. HojPoj

    Let the chastising begin

    I've mucked with those knobs, they're only rated for a few psi. When you try to get the forge hot it *will* leak as the higher pressure will be needed.
  13. HojPoj

    Nazz & Kirck Collaboration Chopper Series

    Mighty spiffy! Hard to tell from the angle presented, are they hollow ground, or some other profile? Just a personal thing, but I'm not sure I'd like the emblem being raised so prominently on the handle. Looks good, just cant imagine it'd be particularly comfortable when using these blades the way they're meant to be.
  14. HojPoj

    3D printing

    Yes, it really shines in pattern-making for casting pieces. Though it's also handy for making templates and jigs for repeat work (primarily for machining or grinding ops, not compatible with hot metal). While there are sites like thingiverse.com that have all sorts of things that other people have made and shared with the world, to make 3D printing useful for YOU requires learning some sort of 3D construction software (I'm reluctant to use the CAD label, as Sketchup is adequate for many tasks, but isn't what I'd call CAD software). Also, pretty much every consumer-grade 3D printer (which are now very affordable) will require a lot of fiddling, trial, and lots of error to get things dialed in to the point where it does what you want. Even some of the more expensive printers still don't do a perfect job without some tweaks.
  15. HojPoj

    Forge Hut

    Word of caution, front yard wouldn't be far enough away from danger if the acetylene tank blows- They've been known to level houses.