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  1. HojPoj

    Gas Forge Build by first timer

    I've found that some of the local ceramic supply places just repackage what comes from a larger vendor, unfortunately a lot of the relevant data gets lost in the process.
  2. HojPoj

    Starting a forge

    Man, not to sound ungrateful, but the fact that those were scaled drawings would've been REALLY good to know in the post that they're contained in! I've been scratching my head on specific dimensions for a charcoal-fired JABOD for awhile now (specifically where the stock should be relative to the top of the tuyere) because I'm having limited success in getting decent heats with mine... I end up fiddling with it for an hour, get fed up with how slow things are, and break out the propane forge just so I can accomplish something in the limited time I have remaining.
  3. HojPoj

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Got some time today to try doing a couple openers again, learning more of what works and what doesn't. Some of the things I want to do would probably be made exponentially easier with a guillotine tool. Also knocked out a chisel that'll need some more forging to correct some mistakes, along with a couple small drifts. Annealed everything at the end along with a couple punches, figured I would do a heat treat session on Everything later this week. Oh, and two days ago I painted my forge. Habitat Restore had brake paint for 2 bucks, figured i would give it a try. Also patched some cracks in the lining and put in a kiln wash to smooth things out a bit and see if it helps. Jury is still out, though.
  4. I was gonna say, around here the big taste on steel is 5 cents a pound when dropping off, and 30 cents a pound to buy :-/
  5. That strikes me as less of a poker/wand, and looks more like what I'd call a short sceptre.
  6. HojPoj

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Which ones JHCC? "I could get along fine with only 4 or 5 tongs"? In some circles that's heresy!
  7. HojPoj

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Nice tenons, Ted! Yeah I'd say you're spot on about the proportions. Finally finished the set of Ken's custom iron tongs that I've desperately needed to complete. Having not made tongs before or doing riveting, there were a lot of firsts. Took a lot longer than anticipated, too :-/ my neophyte status definitely shows. Splitting the bits on the bolt jaws took at least 4 heats, not sure if that's normal or not.
  8. HojPoj

    It followed me home

    Today is my birthday, and my wife got me a 7" Makita angle grinder. Thing sure removes some metal!
  9. HojPoj

    Flat twist Blacksmith basket..

    That's an absolutely lurvly handle! If you get the mandrel made, it'd probably be best to do the video showing both ways.
  10. HojPoj

    Bolts for forging

    That's why if one were to buy a new bolt for the express purpose of forging it, Black oxide or visibly galvanized are the only things I'd touch. No additional work for a BO finish, stripping required for galv. Anything with a color is, in my book, suspect (which totally sucks because I have free access to lots of aviation mil-spec fasteners, but Cadmium plating is the norm on these, and stripping it still creates hazmat :-\).
  11. HojPoj

    Bolts for forging

    As far as coatings, you can buy galvanized and then strip it with an acid bath. The other option would be to buy ones with a black oxide coating. That I recall everything else can be a crapshoot.
  12. Nice, Ted! I had considered doing something similar, but would probably just make a loop on the other end instead of a hook- the hook seems to put asymmetry into a design that seems to call for symmetry.
  13. HojPoj

    3D printed plastic burner experiments (photo heavy)

    I hope you at least post the STLs of THAT.
  14. HojPoj

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Was pressed for time, but made something I hadn't before tonight. Didn't have all the right tools and for whatever reason it took something like six heats to get the slit cut. Was using a JABOD with charcoal for the first time as well, and had issues getting the heat right. The eye ended up a little too large, but felt like a good first start.
  15. As most of the steps are self-explanatory, the video seemed fine to me. I would've put the closing sequence up front to give the context for the subsequent work, but other than the exposure issues I've no other critique. I could deal with the music, though a song that's a little less repetitive would be nice.