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  1. HojPoj

    first 2x72 sander build

    Man, those wheels must've been pushing the boundaries of that Unimat! Did you mill the slot in the table, or use something else to cut that out? What sort of motor is driving it? Regardless, looks nice!
  2. HojPoj

    Forge as a foundry

    It should conceivably work so long as you can safely handle getting the crucible in and out of the furnace. Typically copper gets run with a glassy cap or crushed charcoal to keep the oxygen off during melting. Not done any melts beyond aluminum, m'self, so I'd advise reading up on the techniques to run cuprous alloys over at AlloyAvenue.
  3. If the VFD is rated for, the use of properly rated Braking Resistors can help reduce the stopping time. Without braking resistors you're somewhat limited in how quickly the motor can be stopped without back EMF frying the VFD.
  4. Ausfire, that looks pretty spiffy! First thing that came to mind, though, was "Man, if those scrolls were BIGGER then it'd almost be like a cross hilt on a sword!"
  5. Looking good! I really appreciate the effort you've taken in documenting this.
  6. HojPoj

    Ribbon burner design

    While Stainless isn't a stellar heat transfer medium, it's still better than the refractory. You may run into some issues with pre-ignition in the holes as the forge temperatures slowly creep up the tubes. I know Frosty has mentioned the problem on more than one occasion with the NARBs, particularly when turned down a little too far.
  7. HojPoj

    Old Chisel

    Thanks ThomasPowers, that was an interesting read!
  8. HojPoj

    Old Chisel

    I've got one that looks similar in construction, but roughly 2 inch wide flat profile. Been meaning to ask about it here as well.
  9. HojPoj

    Carbon brick for insulation

    Depending on the diameter and length of the rods, they can also be hollowed out and used as a thermocouple sheath either for submersion in molten metal, or just as protection in a forge. In the as-is condition, stir rods for melts, or electrodes for a lot of things (though electrolytic rust removal is a prime candidate on this forum).
  10. HojPoj

    Collaboration blanks round 4

    John, what brand SLA printer did you get?
  11. HojPoj

    It followed me home

    If they found their way home with your neighbor, then chances are they've lived their useful life in their intended application and aren't economical to reshape/sharpen. Just get em hot, there's a good chance they're brazed on. If they don't loosen up past a red heat, then there may be a stem that goes into the steel... which will probably be a lot tougher to remove. Generally scrap gets better prices when separated from other 'stuff' that's clinging to it.
  12. HojPoj

    It followed me home

    Carbide doesn't forge. He would remove it so the steel its attached to would be used. Unless he has a really heavy duty application that could use that carbide, it can be scrapped for a decent price.
  13. HojPoj

    Double Horn vs Square Tail Anvils

    Or at the very least, think cone mandrels and swage blocks!
  14. Huh, most of the scythe peening anvils I've seen look like a bottom fuller. Learn something new everyday.
  15. HojPoj

    Carbon brick for insulation

    Graphite blocks are pretty good conductors, so yes, it'll be a heat-sink. Wish I could access that much of it, though, would make great molds for casting.