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Tie down anvil with ratchet straps?

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Hi everyone. I just got my first real anvil and I built a stand for it out of wood 4x4s. Is there anything wrong with putting some eye hooks on the sides of the stand and using ratchet straps pulling in opposing directions to secure it? Is there a better/easier way that I'm not thinking of? I know you can use chains and lag bolts but I already have the straps.

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Good Morning and Welcome,

Maybe I am missing something, does your Anvil stand have legs that will make it run away?????  Feed it the odd Chocolate Chip or Ginger Snap Cookies and they will stay home. Yes, maybe a cup of Joe will help too!!!  I don't know why you want to put a Leash on your favorite Pet???

If you are talking about securing the girl to your Stump, squirt some Silicone on the stump and plunk it where you want it.


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Ratchet straps are nylon and burn easily in forging areas, especially with tension on them. 

Why not build a stand that stands up and is stable on its own? Having to strap, rope, or chain it to sides makes me think its just not a good stable stand. Anchoring like that will also get in your way of Using the anvil and potentially be a safety hazard. 

A picture of what you have now will help us to help You with what you want to accomplish. 

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Greetings Ironbelly, 

       Straps and hot iron don’t mix. Won’t last long. There are several ways to mount your anvil posted on this sight. READ READ READ

Forge on and make beautiful things 


Beat me to it Irondragon 




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Sorry I seem to have left out an important detail. I meant for securing the anvil to the stand. The stand isn't going to run away :D

Something like this. Sorry for the first grader artwork. I see the comments about melting the straps and yeah, seems like I wasn't thinking that one through.


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If you have a 4x4 stand, screw or lag bolt a 4x4 base on the bottom. My stand is old 4x5"s but same idea applies.  This was my first stand and it's still in use today after 5 or so years. :rolleyes: bolt or screw the base just past the main stand because it will settle. Say, about 1/8" 

This is IF it's what you are talking about. 

Chain is just for sound deadening and flops down sometimes. 



Ugh.. pfft. Ok. Use chain. 

I was wrong in my understanding. 


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6 hours ago, Ironbelly said:

using ratchet straps

In addition to the good comments already made, also consider "theme"and "atmosphere". If you are planning on making 1800s tools, for example, a traditional looking forge area may help with the flow of producing traditional looking objects. Design creates design. This may not be a normal topic, but If I may re-paraphrase the definition of Feng Shui:  "The purpose ... is to get your environment in alignment with who you are and where you want to go—to harmonize your energy with your shop's energy."

So,  consider not using Chinese made  blue or yellow straps if you are going to be making traditional hand crafted objects, like 1800's styled bowie knives etc.

Look at Daswulf's stand, for example. The attached curved spoked wheel hasn't been produced in over 100 years.

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short section of angle iron lagged to center of the side of stand on one set of opposing sides. Hole drilled in the projecting section of angle iron for a bolt, eyebolt, turnbuckle, etc.  Short lengths of chain go across the front and rear feet of anvil to each connector in the angle iron, tighten.

Frankly I don't have such issues and my stands are made to allow the anvils to be easily lifted up off them for transport.  Tracing and cutting a wood block to fit the curve s on the side base and mounting those on the top of the stand is what I do for "fancy".  My large anvil just has a couple of fence staples "fencing it in" on it's stand---after I found that it would creep under heavy sledging---468#...

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As a temporary solution to stop your anvil from bouncing around on the stump.... sure.  As long as you understand this is just temporary.


You want to be a blacksmith?  Then forge yourself some nice hold-down spikes.  Draw a long point on some 1/2" square bar, then fold it back on the main bar.  Cut the whole thing free about 1" down from the bend, on the parent bar, creating an offset head that will hook down over the feet of the anvil.

Chisel in some small teeth on the pointy part so it'll bite into the end grain of the wood better.

Boom.  You're done.

Straps burn/melt easily.  Chains look silly and get in the way.  Part of being a blacksmith is forging your own kit, and the hold-down mechanism for your anvil is a great place to get started.

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