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  1. If life gives you lemons---commit mayhem with them!... Thomas Powers
  2. Welcome to the Dark side...Hammer making
  3. The 2300° temperature rating is what I would be concerned about. I believe white heat is appropriately 2200°.
  4. JHCC, during startup may work, but after its at forging temps I bet it would be instant charcoal.
  5. Parchment paper would work a treat. May want to use 2 layers for more clearance.
  6. Fine looking Anvil and stand. Good work. But I agree that it is too clean.
  7. I agree with Buzzkill about the gate valve for air control. I have a speed control on me setup and I found that this is not enough. Needed less air. Added a shutter to the blower inlet and it was not enough. Added a gate valve to the air inlet at the burner tube and that finally gave me the control I needed over the air flow. A shutter on the blower intake will lower the load on the blower motor. A gate valve would be were I would start. Cheap and easy.
  8. Thanks for saying that GuardedDig2. I was starting to think that I was alone in the belief that if you set your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. The last hammer I made was 4 3/4 lbs of 4340 goodness. Nice rounding hammer that loves to move hot metal. As for keeping it still, you could try a saddle to set the stock in with a shank for the hardy hole.
  9. Mineral oil will work and is food safe. It is sold in ths pharmaceuticals isle as a laxative.
  10. I like the one with the built in swage block.
  11. Ausfire. The 3 different lengths are like playing a cord on a guitar. While the whole thing does vibrate, the different lengths causes a different harmonic. As for the shape, I would think it is a case of function before form. A flat "bell" takes up very little space.
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