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  1. And a GREAT way to releave the stress of dealing with the public all day in the course of my paying job.
  2. Everytime I see that door knocker, I think of a drop hammer for a mouse hole forge. LOL. I like it.
  3. Here is a pic of the one I cary in me tool bag.
  4. As a Machinest I tended to cut the tangs off of my files and give it a nice round over. I have tried and can not stab myself with it rounded over. Rasp for hot work, I do like for my hand to be away from the heat though, so I tend to handle those.
  5. Looks like slag from making iron.
  6. Yeah Billy, my anti sieze is so old it is almost crumbly.
  7. Can always tell a fellow shooter by the accronyms that they think of first.
  8. I tried the crayon approach and did not care for it. Took to much time and poor results. I have been using a store bought anti seize with great results. Like John said... Dip and go. Nice and easy. Don't take much either.
  9. What a sweet looking girl. Give her a hug from me.
  10. I use an extra layer on ceramic wool on the floor and then coat everything at once with refractory. Makes it a little easier to form the floor imho.
  11. But thats the New American way.
  12. a rubber plantation would be a good place to start.
  13. Most BBQ grill tanks are actually 15 Lbs.
  14. Welcome to IFI. What are you using for air control? I tried to use a shutter on the intake of the blower but couldn't throttle the ait down enough. I use a gate valve to throttle the airand needle valve to throttle gas. Guage can help to repeat the settings once you learn what your froge likes. Dont fret, the people here are very helpful.
  15. That will make the belt grab a hold of the guides.
  16. Frosty, I think I am going to steal that one. LOL
  17. I would thin it down in the "spring" area to about 1/8 inch flat strap, as wide as the parrent stock with a nice gental loop.
  18. Enjoy the new anvil Jennifer. Very NIce indeed. Chris, I know what you are saying. But hear is a thought, I have put every mark that my anvil has. May not be happy about it, but, It does tell the story of my journey in this craft.