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  1. If life gives you lemons---commit mayhem with them!... Thomas Powers
  2. Welcome to the Dark side...Hammer making
  3. The 2300° temperature rating is what I would be concerned about. I believe white heat is appropriately 2200°.
  4. JHCC, during startup may work, but after its at forging temps I bet it would be instant charcoal.
  5. Parchment paper would work a treat. May want to use 2 layers for more clearance.
  6. Fine looking Anvil and stand. Good work. But I agree that it is too clean.
  7. I agree with Buzzkill about the gate valve for air control. I have a speed control on me setup and I found that this is not enough. Needed less air. Added a shutter to the blower inlet and it was not enough. Added a gate valve to the air inlet at the burner tube and that finally gave me the control I needed over the air flow. A shutter on the blower intake will lower the load on the blower motor. A gate valve would be were I would start. Cheap and easy.
  8. Thanks for saying that GuardedDig2. I was starting to think that I was alone in the belief that if you set your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. The last hammer I made was 4 3/4 lbs of 4340 goodness. Nice rounding hammer that loves to move hot metal. As for keeping it still, you could try a saddle to set the stock in with a shank for the hardy hole.
  9. Mineral oil will work and is food safe. It is sold in ths pharmaceuticals isle as a laxative.
  10. I like the one with the built in swage block.
  11. Ausfire. The 3 different lengths are like playing a cord on a guitar. While the whole thing does vibrate, the different lengths causes a different harmonic. As for the shape, I would think it is a case of function before form. A flat "bell" takes up very little space.
  12. Correction... Indrustrial metal sales.
  13. You might try industrial metal supply. Thats were I order my 4140 & 4340. Alpha knife supply for new blade material.
  14. I am pleased to hear that it arrived. I wish you a long and happy smithing road. Use it in good health.
  15. I have tried to forge tungsten carbide from a broken end mill. This was folly. Even at a high yellow to white heat this stuff will NOT move even with a 5 lb hammer. Not even a dent in the carbide (hammer was a different story).
  16. I just give them a wipe down with straight blo
  17. I have not sold anything yet. Donated some things to a charity auction, and make things for friends. What I was wanting you to know is the Kanca anvil is a good tool and that you dont need a power hammer or a striker to make hammers or anything else that you can physically handle. If you were closer I would be happy to help you make one. I am sure that there is an IFI member close to you that would help. Good luck in your journey and remember to have FUN.
  18. Respectfully, I believe that Dan may be right. With no air valve after the blower, mine would do the same thing. 97 cfm is Way to much air for my setup, even with a shutter on the blower. I would suggest less air. And open the propane tank slowly, it will help keep the safety valve from engaging.
  19. I made my swedge block/stand to be at the same height as my anvil. Not hard to move it into position as a helping hand.
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