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Ticks and Lyme Disease


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  Lyme disease is nasty.  About 6-7 years ago one of them bit my mom on top of her foot and left that ring.  I assumed she got it out at the farm and never could understand why it never got me.  I did a lot of thrashing around in the weeds and sticks and pulled quite a few off myself.

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I've lived here going on 50 years and the only fleas or ticks we see come in with tourist's dogs and such. Hopefully fuel prices will come down enough Deb and I will be able to do some snow birding in the RV. I'm going to have to be really vigilant about fleas and ticks, I'm so out of practice I might not notice until after I have a bug.

Be sure to write down the time and place when you use the tape trick, Scott. You want to be a good tick talk tape recorder. Hmmm?

Frosty The Lucky.

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