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Help Identifying this item?

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Before there was plastic "well pipe", galvanized steel pipe was commonly used, in wells up to about 100' deep.

Part of the mechanism that was used to raise and lower those lengths of steel pipe, looked a lot like the pictured device.

There would have also been a pair of "dogs", or clamps, that worked in conjunction with the "jack".

But, that's just a guess, ... don't bet your lunch money on it's veracity.  :unsure:

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Looks like it was for lifting and aligning the end of a horizontal axle, pole or pipe. Something that required fairy precise levelling given the pinch bolt adjustment for start and stop. It only provides a couple of inches of lift.

Could it be a basic tap control for irrigation? Lift the pipe and tie the lever handle to pipe for off, untie and let pipe down for on?

Rather than lifting the ring could it be for pushing the base plate down?

The ring would have to be horizontal to the ground to be a post puller, and the inverted U legs of the stand would indicate the end of a horizontal item being lifted could poke through...

An axle jack?... but you could not get it off after you put the wheel on.

Lifting mill stone spindles?


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