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  1. Maybe you could turn your leaf vertically and call it a flame. Then you wouldn't need veins. The artful curvature of it lends itself to a flame in my opinion.
  2. Air-Assisted Hydraulic Bottle Jack Press

    As you said, Latticino, it's slow. But it's faster than trying to move heavy metal with a hammer. A bigger/better compressor might improve the speed a little. Even having to turn the valve to retract the jack, I can still get 2 - 3 squeezes to a heat if I work fast. I'm working on a piece of 3/4" coil spring in hopes of turning it into a knife-shaped object. So far I have the blade portion down to about 3/8" thick after working for about an hour this afternoon.
  3. Air-Assisted Hydraulic Bottle Jack Press

    OK, thanks. I'll probably give it a shot. If nothing else it will be better than the manual bottle jack I've been using on the press for other things.
  4. I've got the bug for a press after seeing the hydraulic press that the club bought recently, but I don't have $3,500 lying loose at the moment. Would a 20 ton air-assisted hydraulic bottle jack do the job if mounted in a press frame? I have a large press I built 35 years ago, and adapting that jack to the press can be done in short order. One drawback is having to manually release pressure on the jack each time to get it to retract. For the difference in price, I think I can handle that inconvenience.
  5. Flatter

    I thought that's what they made knees for...
  6. Flatter

    Although this ain't pretty, I believe it will work. It's my first solo attempt at making a hammer. The eye is a little off-center, but that's not critical to the operation of a flatter. The material was an old hammer passed down to me by my dad. It was made by a friend of his from a piece of RR rail with a pipe handle welded on it,, and it had lived a rough life. Both faces were mushroomed badly, and my attempts at re-squaring it were not successful. That necessitated grinding, a LOT of grinding. I don't have a swage block, or anything else to form the large face of a flatter, so I welded a 2" X 2" piece of leaf spring onto it for the face.
  7. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Deer are just turbocharged goats. When I asked a friend who had given me two goats how to keep them off the cars, he replied, "Don't park in the goat pen." That was his way of saying, "Build a pen, dummy!"
  8. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Do Ruby Begonia ring a bell?
  9. Something for the kitchen

    After seeing Pancho's paper towel holder, I decided to try my hand at it. Added a few things to it so it's not a direct copy.
  10. I already built one of Frosty's fullers, and it uses 5/8" dies. Cutting them might not be a problem with an angle grinder and cutoff wheel. Not sure I'd want to wear out a bandsaw blade on them. If I had a metal lathe, that could be handy. They're only 1/8" thick, so not a lot of shear strength I would guess.
  11. Unfortunately these were donated to a "xxxx in the hat" drawing at our blacksmith meeting, so no clue what sort of machine they came from. No mfg markings on the blades themselves. I Googled "planer blade metal type" and came up with the idea that they might be D2. Guess the "xxxx in the hat" may have been aptly named this time.
  12. I picked up two planer blades (probably D2?) and am wondering how to deal with the sharpened edge. I'd like to forge these into knives, but I'll need to reduce their width and draw them out longer. If I try to forge the sharp edge off of it, I'm figuring it will just roll and form a cold shut. Is there a way to change the sharp edge to a square edge without cutting/grinding it off?
  13. snake dilemma

    Mine is the Texarkana corner. We have a few rasptlesnakes, but mostly copperheads and water moccasins. My wife killed 17 copperheads near the house the first summer we lived here. Our herd of 6.5 cats has reduced the snake population to a more reasonable level now. Aus's snake looks sorta like a brasshead.
  14. New Knife Law in Texas

    When I was a kid, I had to carry a knife to school to play Mumbly-peg during recess. Nobody ever thought anything about a boy carrying a pocket knife to school in those days. Worst that was likely to happen was cutting a finger while sharpening a pencil.
  15. New Knife Law in Texas

    Thanks for that info, Mark. It's good to know that if I make a Bowie, I'll be able to carry it soon.