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  1. We had a couple of kids in the house in a large wire crate, but that was only for a couple of weeks while we got them bottle trained and healthy after mama turned them away. No poop/pee on the floor that way, but it was a pain to change out the newspaper in the crate a couple of times a day.
  2. It'll be a while before our buckling and the two doelings are old enough to breed, but yes, we do plan to milk them. We enjoyed the milk from our Nubians, having plenty to drink and make soap and cheese as well. The older does have had kids, and one was supposed to be in milk when we bought them, but she had mastitis. I doubt her milk will be good for a while after the ToDay treatments. We're still milking her out daily to get the medicine and the rest of the infection out. When the oil disappears from the milk I'll give it a try and see if it's worthwhile. Otherwise it will be about 13 months minimum before we have any more milk.
  3. A friend gave us a Nubian mother and kid many years ago. They used to delight in jumping on the car. I asked the friend how to stop that, and he replied, "Don't park in the goat pen, dummy!" So that's when I built a pen. We're starting on our third herd now after selling our second Nubian herd last September. This time around we're going with Nigerian Dwarf to save a little on the feed bills. This is BillyBob, the new buck (8 weeks old). And Boots and Brandy (3 and 2 years old) Finally, the twin does we picked up yesterday, Snow White and Cinderella (6 weeks old)
  4. olfart

    NAMPB First Burn

    I'm planning to twist the next one before cutting, which will produce more of a random pattern in vertical and horizontal components. It would be interesting to see if I could isolate a twist to just the part that will be the arms, leaving the original straight lines in the vertical and twist in the horizontal. Thanks for the ideas!
  5. olfart

    NAMPB First Burn

    I'm thinking that forging the arms octagonal and twisting may mess up the hole in the cross. It's pretty easy to get the arms out of alignment and distort the hole even without twisting. Thanks for the comments!
  6. olfart

    NAMPB First Burn

    As Doug Marcaida might say, "It will weld!" My first damascus billet is 11 layers, alternating mild steel and bandsaw blade. Had a couple of small delaminations at the outer end of the billet, probably where it was cooled by the anvil before I got to that point with the hammer. After working it down in thickness by about 1/3, I cut a slab off to make this cross. Next project will be to beat the remainder of the billet round so I can twist it without having the corners make cold shuts.
  7. And don't let goats kiss you on the face or neck, as my wife can attest. She couldn't figure out how she got poison ivy on her face and neck until I pointed out the 'goat kisses'.
  8. These two are connected only by the nails that held them (not very firmly, I'd guess) on the horse. No sign of welding, forge or otherwise.
  9. Driving down our favorite path from town, my wife looked down and said, "There's a horse shoe". I stopped and backed up to collect said shoe and discovered it's a two-fer. Strange. I never realized horses got retreads.
  10. Stanley's a work of art, Aus! The graceful curve of his tail makes him look alive.
  11. Das, that spider is altogether too cool! I really enjoy your creative efforts.
  12. Thanks, Aus! Being a bottle opener noob, I just went with somebody's instructions and hoped for the best. The parent stock was 1/2" (12mm) square, and I beat it down to 1/4" thick before punching. The middle one's tab is virtually non-existent due to my boo-boo in punching the slot, but the third one has a nice robust tab that won't wear out on the first six pack. Nice looking lifter-outers you got there. I like the flat twist in the middle of a round bolt.
  13. Since I don't have any bottles to open, it's anybody's guess. The first one would only open a bottle by breaking it. The second likely would open one with a little effort. The third, I have no doubt will open bottles just fine. It's going to our UPS driver today, so I'll have to ask him on his next trip if it works OK. Thanks.
  14. I finally got my new forge with ribbon burner operational, and this is the first project from it. Having never tried to make a bottle opener, I decided to give it a whirl. From left to right, the first prototype, second prototype and sorta-finished project. The first prototype didn't go well because I messed up on punching the slot. Didn't have a proper slot punch, so I improvised. Bad idea. Second prototype I modified the slitter I had used on the first one, but I still punched a sloppy slot. Third one, I made a proper slot punch and managed to keep it pretty much in the same place to get the slot punched. Now all I need to do is build a bunch more of them.
  15. olfart

    NAMPB First Burn

    NOW you tell me! No problem, I just used my 1" brush very carefully.