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  1. This little guy's not quite in my smithy, but the cats deposited him on the back porch yesterday afternoon. I brought him in and put him in a box with a lamp for heat, and he's eating goat milk. I saw two of the cats on the porch studying something under a hassock, so I went out with a flashlight and looked. I saw the little guy's mama staring back at me. My wife rounded up the cats and put them in the garage while I brought the little guy out and put him as far back under the hassock as I could reach, hoping she'd take him home during the night. No such luck. She was gone this morning, but he was still there. Meet Ruckus, Jr., the flying squirrel... and his mama.
  2. olfart

    1/8" Pipe Nipple Swage

    One might say that. In fact, you did!
  3. olfart

    1/8" Pipe Nipple Swage

    That would make a great tag line!
  4. olfart

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Or lying on the shop floor wishing Deb had stayed home to call the ambulance... Be careful out there!
  5. olfart

    1/8" Pipe Nipple Swage

    Living in the boondocks, it's often hard/impossible to find some of the plumbing needed to build a gas forge. After looking unsuccessfully in every hardware/plumbing store in this county for a 1/8" schedule 80 pipe nipple, I settled on a run-of-the-mill schedule 40 nipple. The .035 mig tip rattled around like a BB in a boxcar inside that nipple, so I made a swaging die to use in my press and squoze the end of that nipple (after cutting off the threaded end) down far enough to thread it with a 1/4 - 28 tap. Worked like a champ.
  6. olfart

    Drilled (no crayon) ribbon burner

    Al, I followed Wayne Coe's instructions for what he calls Ribbon Burner Castable #2. Wayne's instructions were to leave it in the form for several days, then carefully remove the sides and bake it before removing the bottom. I baked it at 350 for an hour, then went to 500 for another hour and a half. That's about all the heat I could stand in the kitchen. It sat on the kitchen table for another couple of days before I set out to drill it. I bought the masonry bit Saturday and removed it from the package this morning. After chucking the bit in the drill press (set at its lowest speed) and securing the burner in the drill press vise, I proceeded very gently to apply pressure. The bit chattered in the hole somewhat, spitting out a few pieces of what I assume were aggregate, then I saw material spitting out the side of the burner where the hole had chipped out. I'll try drilling somewhere in the middle of the block and see how that does before I break it all out.
  7. olfart

    Drilled (no crayon) ribbon burner

    Back on the original topic of drilling cast burner heads, I found out today what happens when you try to drill too close to an edge with a masonry bit. When I get more castable mix and bust all this mess out of my burner body, the next attempt will be using either crayons or glue sticks.
  8. Lookin' good, Anvil! Did you cut all the logs for the house?
  9. I'll try to do a followup. He's carving a totem pole with a chainsaw, so it should be interesting. Thanks again for the help!
  10. OK, I tried my hand at making a couple of log dogs today. The one I made from 5/8" rebar was a booger bear to work, and it ain't pretty. The 1/2" round hot rolled worked at lot easier. It ain't pretty either, but here's a pic of it. Maybe this will help the next guy who's looking for a log dog.
  11. Thanks, Glenn! That Woodright Shop video was just what I needed.
  12. A friend asked me this evening if I could make a "wood dog". I told him I probably could if I had a clue what one looked like. He described it as being maybe a foot long and a couple of inches turned 90 degrees and sharpened on each end. After changing my search parameters to "log dog", I found some on the friendly neighborhood auction site. The photo there doesn't give me any idea of dimensions, as there are just a bunch of them in a pile in the photo. Can anybody offer suggestions on dimensions for a "log dog"?
  13. olfart

    It followed me home

    The monthly meeting of Four States Iron Munchers was today, and I went despite the heat (107 F), but didn't spend very long out in the forge shed. I did come away with a leaf veining tool made by Bill Epps, who's a member of our club. Google Bill Epps blacksmith and you'll find a lot of articles he's done. He donated the leaf veining tool to the club's excrement in the cranial adornment drawing, and I won it! Then we went outside, and he demonstrated making a couple of leaves with it. Heckuva deal!
  14. olfart

    Tool Gal

    Or maybe just a two-way bottle opener.
  15. Until a line of thunderstorms comes through and takes out half of your best shade tree. Fortunately most of it missed the greenhouse. Guess I won't be staying as cool in the shade of that tree.