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  1. Das, that spider is altogether too cool! I really enjoy your creative efforts.
  2. Thanks, Aus! Being a bottle opener noob, I just went with somebody's instructions and hoped for the best. The parent stock was 1/2" (12mm) square, and I beat it down to 1/4" thick before punching. The middle one's tab is virtually non-existent due to my boo-boo in punching the slot, but the third one has a nice robust tab that won't wear out on the first six pack. Nice looking lifter-outers you got there. I like the flat twist in the middle of a round bolt.
  3. Since I don't have any bottles to open, it's anybody's guess. The first one would only open a bottle by breaking it. The second likely would open one with a little effort. The third, I have no doubt will open bottles just fine. It's going to our UPS driver today, so I'll have to ask him on his next trip if it works OK. Thanks.
  4. I finally got my new forge with ribbon burner operational, and this is the first project from it. Having never tried to make a bottle opener, I decided to give it a whirl. From left to right, the first prototype, second prototype and sorta-finished project. The first prototype didn't go well because I messed up on punching the slot. Didn't have a proper slot punch, so I improvised. Bad idea. Second prototype I modified the slitter I had used on the first one, but I still punched a sloppy slot. Third one, I made a proper slot punch and managed to keep it pretty much in the same place to get the slot punched. Now all I need to do is build a bunch more of them.
  5. olfart

    NAMPB First Burn

    NOW you tell me! No problem, I just used my 1" brush very carefully.
  6. olfart

    NAMPB First Burn

    Thanks for your help, Frosty! Couldn't have done it without you and Mikey and all the research and experimentation you did. Today's project was getting the Matrikote applied. I took the burner out so I could paint the face of the burner with it and not plug the holes. Unfortunately my brush looked more like a mop halfway through the project, so it became more a matter of smearing the Matrikote on than painting it on. All's well that ends well, and now the whole interior is coated with Matrikote... and my hands, and my arms up to the elbows. I hope it doesn't have to be artistically beautiful to work.
  7. olfart

    NAMPB First Burn

    Here are a couple of pics after installing the NAMPB and plastering the inside of the forge with Kastolite 3000. First is running at 1.5 psi, second is at 10 psi.
  8. The tang of the hot cut was orange (you can see the end of it under the anvil), and he was setting the shoulder on it. That was a brand new anvil, and he was giving it a workout.
  9. This dainty little thing made its appearance at the annual Jonquil Festival at Old Washington State Park (AR) last weekend. It tips the scales at 32 pounds, and he swung it enough to drive the anvil stand 3" deep in the ground. He was making a hardy hot cut from a piece of RR car spring. Our club, Four States Iron Munchers, does demos at the event every year. A couple of other folks tried the hammer, but I didn't even pick it up. I may be silly, but I ain't stupid.
  10. olfart

    NAMPB First Burn

    No steel yet, this burn was just for curing the rigidizer on the first layer of Kaowool. There was no visible dragon's breath in daylight at 5psi. It also maintained a steady flame at about 1 psi.
  11. olfart

    NAMPB First Burn

    First image is the rest of the burner I was using yesterday. The bell reducer was an attempt to streamline the flow into the mixing tube, but it just didn't work. Even after changing to a smaller mig tip, it was running way too rich. The second image shows the new forge with the burner from my brick pile forge driving the multiport burner head. It made a world of difference when I got rid of that bell reducer. I used it to fire the first layer of Kaowool, and the flame swirl in the forge looks amazing. Sorry you have to hold your computer sideways to view the images.
  12. Finally got the fittings to connect my burner to the gas bottle, so here are a couple of pics. First is after it warmed up a couple of minutes at 5psi. Second is at 2psi.
  13. Thanks for that bit of enlightenment, Mr. Slag!
  14. Yep, I'm sure they're distant cousins. Your glider appears to have a longer face and bigger ears. This family apparently lives in a huge pine tree in our goat pen. I've been finding shucked pine cones all over the pen for years. First time I've seen one of the occupants, though.