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  1. Excellent photo! The shutter speed had to be a second or more unless that was some really FAST water.
  2. I used to go to SMU at the end of the spring semester and cart off the 8' 2 X 12 lumber and cinder blocks that were used as dorm bookshelves. The dorm supervisor was thrilled to get rid of them. I've built furniture, goat sheds, barn stalls and lots of other stuff with them. Still have quite a few in the barn loft.
  3. In operation, it looks more like a pneumatic press than a power hammer. I can't help wondering if the bands holding the upper frame to the anvil may allow the upper frame to slide up the anvil if it develops into a 100 bpm machine.
  4. Thanks, CGL. I'm looking forward to meeting you as well. Jonquil 2.0 is on the drawing board. I hope to correct some of 1.0's inadequacies.
  5. I was given one of those tools by The Dallas Times Herald when I got my first newspaper delivery route. It was used to cut the wires holding the bundles of papers together. If yours has loosened up to the point it won't cut wire, a couple of good taps on the hinge rivet might be in order.
  6. This month's project for our club is to make a Jonquil since our meeting this month will be at Old Washington State Park, AR, at the Jonquil Festival. Here's my first attempt. Needless to say it's 30 - 40 times the size of an actual Jonquil, but my arthritic hands don't let me do micro work anymore. The material was from an old satellite dish. The blossom was cold-formed, the cup in the center was heated and driven into a 3/4" nut, then heated again and driven into the Pritchel hole. I had to grind off some of the uneven edge of the cup to make it relatively symmetrical. The pistol was made by making a 3-way split in the end of the 3/16 rod and bending the ends out 90 degrees.
  7. Congrats, Das! Those look like keepers!
  8. I got lucky yesterday at our club's stuff-in-the-hat drawing, and I came away with this linear bearing. The cylindrical race is 2" diameter and 6" long. The whole thing weighs 6.5 lbs.
  9. My wife gave me a hot cut chisel and a new pair of welding gloves, and a friend (not a blacksmith) gave me a 25 lbs. box of very expensive coal that he bought online.
  10. I made out like a bandit at our club Christmas party today. The flatter weighs 9 lbs., and I watched the guy make it at our last meeting. The tongs were made by a farrier, and he threw in a rasp as part of the package. Heckuva deal all the way around!
  11. I made these to give friends this year. Just hung them by the tree for the paint to finish drying. I may add clearcoat and glitter tomorrow.
  12. Thanks for the demo, Aus! Great video for a first effort. Congrats to you and Brasso on a job well-done!
  13. Just been in a deep love affair with aircraft for 78 years.
  14. I'm going with P2V Neptune on the fuselage. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_P-2_Neptune
  15. To prove my screen name is earned, we had M47s and M48s when I served in the 15th Cav. The M60 was the new kid on the block, but we only saw them occasionally.
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