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Very cool critter. Reminds me of a crab and beetle at the same time. A beetly crabby mutant thingy.

Have you ever looked at Clyde Wynia's sculptures at "Jurustic Park"?  Great inspiration I've had ideas but Deb says NO MORE in the resource pile(s)! <sigh>

He'd probably post if he weren't so constantly busy, he'd sure fit in with this crew. I don't even see an email from him more than once or twice a year. Great guy entertaining as all gitout to visit his place.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Mutant - Gamera it is!


Thomas - Naaa...I've done too many ticks already.


Tommytaptap - A functional time piece with jaws that move in and out like a coo coo cloock!


Daswulf - I enjoy creative process and seeing what unfolds more than looking at the finished piece.


Anachronist58 - Critter is right.. :D


Frosty - Ive never heard of Clyde but I'm going to do a search.  I too have a junk...err... resource pile.  Only problem, what I need is always at the bottom.  Nothing like churning the ol pile now n then.


58er - I thank you.  If someone thinks what I made is very, very cool then it came out how I wanted.


SLAG - It does look suspiciosly like a Limulus (had to look that one up).  Thanks


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1 hour ago, Daswulf said:

Just look up jurustic park on YouTube. I watched some videos of his place.

Frosty, does Clyde ever sleep? 

I'd like to see his place in person some day. 

I doubt it Das, if the Sandman showed up at his place his wife Nan would turn him into glass for her torch work. She does some awsome lamp work glass, makes all the eyes in Clyde's sculptures. He's in Marshfield Wi. Just get close to town and ask someone, everybody knows him and will give you directions. His place is a feature on tour routes.

I have a couple of his pieces from a visit in '98 I think. He and Nan live in a BIG old Victorian Mansion surrounded by beautiful old trees and outrageous often moving sculptures. My favorite at the time anyway is the flying dragon made from a cement truck drum and helicopter rotors, the rotors turn in the wind. Wild place well worth visiting.

Frosty The Lucky.


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10 hours ago, ausfire said:

Nice work. Serious set of choppers on that guy.

  Thanks ausfire.  Those jaws were made for chewing!  This project actually was a ladybug for my sisters-boyfriends-12 year old daughter.  He said she likes stuff with "attitude".  Okay...  He's isnt very mechanically inclined and wanted to have a hand in it so I gave him a crash course with torch and stick welder.  It did get a pastel paint job and now resides in Florida.


On April 3, 2017 at 1:35 PM, Frosty said:

Have you ever looked at Clyde Wynia's sculptures at "Jurustic Park"? 

Wow!  I now have a new vacation destination.  I was crunched for time today and just barely scratched the surface but I'll be back.  I did see his wife making something on a modified lathe out of glass.  Eyes?  Thanks for pointing me there Frosty.



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