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  1. Wow! My fragile little mind has officially been blown. I'm so jealous! Not only is the trailer setup so awesome, it's also bigger than my tiny smithy! Great job!
  2. Nick, That hammer came out great! Not bad for just taking one class over a month ago. I'm jealous you're able to get in so much forging time. Nice work man.
  3. Nice! I did something similar. I should go take a photo and post it. I have my anvil sitting right on the sand. It's easy to raise/lower the anvil by adding/removing sand. It also helps to dull the ring. -m
  4. I made a box out of plywood and used 1x2 too skin it and make it look nice. I then filled it with sand. This helps a ton with sound and I can adjust the height as needed by adding or removing sand.
  5. My shop is 33 square feet so yours is like the castle of blacksmithing compared to mine.
  6. Bug

    Or Gamera! Nice!
  7. When I took Alec Steele's tool making class we just melted a bunch of beeswax candles in a tin cup and through a hand full of coke powder in it.
  8. Oops! Sorry, I didn't realize that I might of pushed the boundaries. My videos are G rated in general. mutant aka- Peter Mod Note: This post has been edited
  9. I think Alec holds the record for causing the most blisters. Some of the guys got it pretty bad. I taped up as soon as I felt where the rubbing was and saved myself a lot of pain. But yea, we went through quite a bit of tape and bandaids!
  10. Thanks! The hammer was made from 4140, and we heat treated and tempered. The tools we forged were - Hammer tongs Large drift Center punch Flattening hammer Hole punch Cupping tool Top & bottom fuller Final Hammer tempering is a part of heat treating
  11. Ok, in my other thread about what can I do to physically prepare for a 4 day blacksmithing class, I was given a ton of great advice. I started going to the gym, (after a 10 year absence), did planks, bought the finger rubber bands, and hand squeeze things. I did as much as I could do in the little time that I had. Well, I held up pretty darn well! I did struggle but it wasn't from swinging a 12lbs sledge hammer all day. Punching holes that lined up on both sides, punching holes perfectly centered, and tapering was what I had a hard time with. I learned a ton in such a short amount of time. Alec was awesome. The nine other guys that took the class were awesome. Paul Krzyszkowski of Toronto Blacksmith was awesome. I've only forged three small projects before this class. It was beyond fantastic to move so much metal . I've included two links to videos if anyone is interested. The first is when I tried to forge a bottle opener on my own before taking any lessions. The second is the class. I'll let you judge how much I improved. Thanks all for the input and advice I received about what I could do to get in shape for the class! -Peter Bottle Opener The Class Video removed as it does not meet the G rated Family Forum standards.
  12. I almost went to Prat. Wound up at SVA instead.
  13. I work for a major premium cable channel in the design and advertising department. I help come up with the concepts to sell our shows.
  14. Wow! Thank you all for the fantastic response! Lots of simple, great ideas that I would never have thought of. I guess it's why I posted for advice on a blacksmithing forum! Even though I'm still going to join the gym for my general health, sanity and the class, I'm going to try out some of the suggestions that I can do at home and in the office. Infact, I did my first set of sit ups this morning. Littleblacksmith is correct, the class I'm participating in is the February Canada class. I would love to take the one at his shop but I live in NY and this seemed much more doable. I'll try and take as many photos/videos as I can and post when the time comes. Once again, thank you all for the great advise! Have a great New Year! -m
  15. Thanks all for your input and suggestions! I used to be a gym rat for years, but that was long ago. I'm still in ok(ish) shape but at 48, I just didn't want to jump in at swinging a sledgehammer after being sedentary for so long. I'm going to join the gym this weekend. I'm way over do and it's the new year soon anyways.