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....most of the time never entertain us with that much diversity.They are all about quality and endurance.

Also this locking liner sports Ceylon iron wood for the handle slabs,, 6Al4V on the liners and and high carbon spring steel for the clip and the mechanical parts.

Except the blade this time is different. I made it from a semi industrial made Damascus steel forged by my old friend and colleague Achim Wirtz http://www.lohmann-stahl.de/kontakt/

O1, 1.5634(75Ni8) and 1.2442(115W8) sharing the approximately 180 layers.

Etched in instant coffee and gun blued on the rear.

I am not the guy who prefers Damascus on a working blade but this stuff performs like a super tough mono steel with excellent wear resistance.....and that is rare to push the big compromise on performance that close toghether.

The only thing I can't take the steel into my production offer is it's(fully justified) high price.....but once in a while there is the opportunity and the pleasure.










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Beautiful knife. I love the wood handles on a folder. In our modern time to many folders are made with G10, and you can never find anything made with wood like this beauty. Wow, wonderful.

 How does the iron wood wear? And how easy is it to work with?

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Beautiful knife and I'd like to compliment you on your photography, the background is perfect. The bright green is a perfect contrast to the blade and especially the handle and it's just busy enough without being distracting. The lighting is again well done, just enough angle not to glare but still allows highlights.

Yeah, I know more about photography than bladesmithing so I talk about what I know. All in all, outstanding work, thanks for the look see.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks for the fine comments, Guys!:D


1776 : Ceylon ironwood is not that hard like Desert ironwood.

It needs sharp belts, but do not wear them down so fast as Desert ironwood does.the dust is slightly toxic and this heavy wood makes fine dust that goes in absolutely everywhere in the work shop.It just works like Ebony or the like.

Except sawing needs a fresh, sharp band on the saw.

In use, the wood performs very well.It stays pretty true, very good for folders.

Frosty: For me as a bloody beginner, it is very dependent on the "everyday's light" and good piece of luck:blink:  Thanks!



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