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  1. So they work pretty good huh? I might have to try that.
  2. Wow. Very nice. I used to be looking into that a lot. I LOVE the work you have done. Do you use four or two cycle engines?
  3. Cast Iron repair

  4. Buying Damascus

    Heck no. Just getting ideas.
  5. Buying Damascus

    Well, thats the bite now isn't it. Got a little bit of a pinch on cash right now. Dang it. Kinda been on a shoe string for a bit. But hey, thats the way it goes some times. If I wasn't in this position, I'de take your advice. But the world is a cold hard place sometimes. No Damascus for me...
  6. First few knives

    Yeah... sorry about that. I'll remember next time.
  7. First few knives

    Wow. Those are some really sweet blades!
  8. Cast Iron repair

    Lol. I'm kinda bad at that, but I'll try!
  9. Cast Iron repair

    Thanks, I'll be giving this a try.
  10. Cast Iron repair

    Hmmmm. I guess it can't hurt. I'll give it a try. Thanks
  11. Cast Iron repair

    So, what type of brazing? Keep in mind, this is going to be hanging on the wall, and used.
  12. Thanks guys, I guess I'll stick with my rail road track anvil until I run across a good anvil. Haha
  13. Cast Iron repair

    So, I've got a old antique candle holder that broke. It is cast iron, from what I can tell. I've been looking around trying to figure out how to repair cast iron. It seems there are two options for me; #1 Castaloy. #2 Welding. Of the two, Castaloy seems the easiest. I've never welded, but we do have a welding shop in town. And with my forge (being able to heat the cast iron up to 1500+) , I'm pretty sure I could get it welded. Of the two, which one seems to be the strongest, and most reliable method. Also, which method have you done? I'm really nerves about this one, It is an antiques, from my family. So a family heirloom. And I don't want to mess it up even more. Thanks guys! 1776
  14. Hey, I found a harbor freight 55 lbs. anvil , new at the store, for $55. Made by Central Forge. Is it worth buying?