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  1. Welcome!
  2. So... it stabbed into the concrete floor? Wow. Thats a good tip.
  3. Wow. Takes my breath away.
  4. Beautiful. I look forward to the day I can do Damascus...
  5. So... Talked to Mr Helm, aka Stormcrow. He was very nice, and understood everything. He wanted to see how my knife turned out, and gave me the names of the people he was also inspired by. So, going to be heat treating this thing once I get over my cold. Stormcrow is an awesome guy!
  6. Thanks. I'll make sure to follow your advice. I'm looking forward to seeing my first finished knife too.
  7. Okay. Sorry, I didn't know. I just messaged Stomrcrow asking for his permission.
  8. I see. I didn't know I couldn't post pictures of anything but my own work. Sorry. Yeah, I'm not selling this one. This is my bushcraft knife. I'm not good enough to sell knives anyways. Not yet... But yeah, I thought Stormcrows work is awesome. He really inspired me. I vote his knives hands down most awesome blades I've seen yet! Once again, sorry. I didn't mean to violate the forum laws. Didn't know. Sorry. Thanks man! I may take you up on this generous offer if get stumped. Thanks!
  9. Beautiful knife. I love the wood handles on a folder. In our modern time to many folders are made with G10, and you can never find anything made with wood like this beauty. Wow, wonderful. How does the iron wood wear? And how easy is it to work with?
  10. Thanks guys. Just wanted to make sure I was going to be doing the process the right way. Wanted all of you to reassure me. Almost got the rough grinding done, so I should be heat treating soon. Wish me luck! I'll be sure to post pictures once I've got it done. It should end up like this, if I do everything right. Thanks again for the help! PHOTO removed please post only your own work here
  11. Oh. I don't have a coal forge, so I guess I don't need to worry about that. But what about the infrared? I only wear some safety goggles to protect my eyes from flying objects. Should I wear some anti-infrared glasses too?
  12. Wow. My breath was taken away. First time huh? Amazing.
  13. Just got a large, tanto, bushcraft knife forged to shape, made out of 5160. And I'm almost done with the rough grinding. So up next is heat treating. I've read The Complete Bladesmith: Forging Your Way To Perfection, and The $50 knife shop. So I've got the general method down for carbon steels I think. I hope. #1: Normalize the blade by bringing it up to non-magnetic, and than letting it air cool in still air. Do this three times to relieve stress. #2: Heat your oil to some where between 90-140 degrees Fahrenheit ( really don't have any idea why, just doing it). Heat your knife blade slowly and evenly to non-magnetic, once there quench the blade in the oil. Let sit until the oil stops agitating. #3: Temper your blade by heating the oven from anywhere from 350-450 degrees Fahrenheit (what temperature depends on what you would rather have more, edge holding or toughness). Place blade in oven, leave it there for an hour. Pull out and let cool to room temperature. Do this three times. So... Do I have it right? I just want to make sure, because I've spent a lot of time on this knife, and don't want it to go wrong. The only other thing I've heat treated before was a rail road spike tomahawk. It was kinda "eh". Now I have some steel that I know what it is, and have forged it out. Just want to make sure I'm going to do the heat treatment right. Please help. Thanks! P.S. Why am I supposed to heat the oil?
  14. Wow. That is beautiful. I have only seen stock removal swords done. That is awesome that you made it the traditional way. I understood every thing you said btw. Did you make the Tsuba your self?
  15. Man, those are some seriously beautiful pieces of art!