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I Forge Iron

You hear this too often


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Too right ausfire, like Charles Mcraven says in his book, "And I`ll listen to all the old folks whose fathers or grandfathers had been smiths like me (only better, of course, as they remembered it, having been much older and wiser)"

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1. I'm sure your grandfather was a great blacksmith.

2. No, I'm not shoeing horses.

3. Yes, I can make a sword. You can't afford it, but I can. Who do you want to kill?

4. Yes, the fire is real.

5. Yes, really real. Get away from it.

6. That's hot. Don't touch it.

7. Told you it was hot. Don't sue, I'm broke.

8. Well, wrought iron has low carbon and you can't really get it anymore. Steel has a crystalline structure that shares electrons, and forms around carbon in a specific...you know what? I'm just gonna save us both some headache and refer you to Thomas Powers.

9. Because it takes 10-15 hours of my life, plus the forging, the bit I enjoy is the shortest part of it, and the one you get at Walmart isn't custom made.

10. Yes, I know I'm on fire, let me finish this bit and I'll put it out.

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Darn, my Grandfathers were: maternal, was a Federal, Superior circuit court Judge. Paternal was a logger. I'm sure there were a few blacksmiths in the woodpile, Dad sharpened plow shears as a kid during the depression, probably why he was so dead set against me taking up blacksmithing. There's some Modoc in there too and . . .Oh just too many nationalities to list. WE be Heinz 57s one and all.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Like 58 my great grandfather was a blacksmith and we have pictures of him and his shop in Pittsfield VT and a Great Great Grandmother was a full blooded Abernakey Indian out of Canada . I highly doubt a Princess.   My heritage doesn't make me a better Blacksmith but I try and my Indian Heritage may have helped me with my Horse identity but it did nothing for my inability to keep a stupid Canoe upright.   :wacko:

19 hours ago, Nobody Special said:

Don't sue, I'm broke

I tell people "go ahead sue you can end up owning this dump mortgage and all and I can move to Florida" 

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1 hour ago, swedefiddle said:

Good Morning,

The One that we got, when we were doing a Fall Fair Demonstration.

"My father was a "REAL" Blacksmith"!! 

It still brings Tears to our Eyes when we are giggling about the Stories!!


I hear that at every Demo. If they say it with a bad attitude or I'm in an unprofessional mood. (I AM a hobbyist so . . .) I'll ask him/er if they carried on their Father's craft? I'll bet he's sure disappointed do you have any of his tools left I know a bunch of guys who will USE them for something other than decorations.

Yeah, I can be THAT guy if provoked.

Frosty The Lucky.

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