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home made vise stand


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Thanks for the picture.  It got my brain working.  :)  I have a sprocket off a 322 Cat excavator, and  a vise to be set up for outside use.  just hadn't figured out how to make my few bits of angle iron work best.


Can't wait to see what you come up with. Please post pics.

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Does the plate under the leg have a hole cut for the let to sit in and if so is it through both plates or just the little top one?

the plate under the leg has a hole in it to receive the part of the vice leg below the part of the vice leg where it flairs. I used a piece of steel thick enough so i did not have to make another hole in the base plate.


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I have the benefit of being height gifted. At 6'5" my "Normal working height" is above the average man's. So to get the vise up to a comfortable working height, there was about 1.5" between the bottom of the shoulder, and the concrete base of my stand. 1/4" plate + pipe to make up the difference.

i was wondering because with my vise it's about the right height without the extra pipe below the vise leg


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I always wanted to do a vise stand with a base I could stand on, a vise like that never moves, but I've never found the piece of scrap that was right for the base. 


Here's mine, big cast iron sheave in the bottom, bolted to a cafe table base with a diamond plate table on top of that. Two vises, I'll pile sandbags, freeweights etc on the base to keep it from moving too much.  It does roll around pretty well.


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I just got my own post vice, and my forging area right now is outside on dirt, what would be a good way to mount it? Also, is there any good place for me to find out all i need about postvices? I've done a bit of research online, but the sources i found dont really talk about what you want when mounting them. Thank you all in advance.

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There are a couple factors to consider re leg vises. What are you going to use it for primarily is the biggy. If you're going to do a lot of hammering in it then you want it at a comfortable striking height lower than a hand work vise. If you're going to do a lot of handwork say, filing, bending twisting, etc. then a bit higher is better. There's a height that works best for filing which is just bit higher than elbow high with your arm held level in front of you. This is too high if you're going to do heavy hammering in it.

Once again this is a personal thing, everybody is different.

My favorite leg vise stand is a flat round plate on the floor with a post up to the vise plate. There is a hole in the base plate for the vise leg and I like a little table at the mounting plate to set tools on. I've made the mistake of making the plate too large so a piece wouldn't turn horizontally in the vise without hitting the table plate.

All sorts of little things and most have good points. For instance, Harry built himself a nice stand it's large and stable, plenty of room to stand on it so it won't move under heavy work and it looks easily portable. Darned good design all round. Just one thing, I don't like the part the wheels are mounted on. I see a trip hazard and it has sharp corners so a person could injure themselves falling on it. Not a deal killer but something to think about.

I'm not a fan of mounting pedestal tools on rims or brake drums either, they're easily mobile but they always seem in the way. That's me though, rims and drums are popular for a good reason, they work pretty darned well and lots of people like them.

A lot of this stuff is personal preference so long as of the basics are covered.

Frosty The Lucky.

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2 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

Outside on dirt: sink a post and mount the postvise to it

If you have all the pieces for mounting it isn't hard to unattach it from the post and take inside when unattended.  Tap out the two wedges and you  good to go.  Looking on this site will show you tons of mounting ideas from all over.  Must be one that will work for you.


13 hours ago, MrDarkNebulah said:

is there any good place for me to find out all i need about postvices

"All I need about postvises"  That is a Tall order for one spot. 

There is many places that will give you info, iFI being the front runner in my mind but to my knowledge nobody was written a "Postvise for Dummies" yet.

Takes time and research for these things and plenty of comments along the way.  Good Luck 

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