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  1. Any help appreciated. I am starting to assemble components for building a hydraulic press. I have purchased this hydraulic pump because it seem to be all set up double action control valve with a foot pedal control built in. It puts out pressure to 10,000 psi. The cylinder I purchased has a max rating of 3000 psi. Do I put some kind of pressure relief valve between the two to make sure the pump does not exceed the cylinder's max rating of 3,000 psi? The pump has a pressure dial, I could just make sure I don't exceed the pressure manually, but though the relief valve would be a better design.
  2. I like the fish you did, very life like. Here is a fish I made for a friend some years ago, just hammered out the shape, and used metal stain for the colors
  3. i was wondering because with my vise it's about the right height without the extra pipe below the vise leg Poundhound
  4. the plate under the leg has a hole in it to receive the part of the vice leg below the part of the vice leg where it flairs. I used a piece of steel thick enough so i did not have to make another hole in the base plate. Poundhound
  5. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Please post pics.
  6. I was going I was going to bolted down to the cement slab so that it doesn't move when I put torque on it It's pretty heavy but this will make it in movable
  7. here are a few pics of a post vise stand I made over the weekend, still need to prep and paint it before I bolt it down. Made out of some 8"x 4" 3/8 angle iron I had lying around Poundhound
  8. very cool scull for head on bottle opener, not something I have seen before. PoundHound
  9. Thanks for the positive comments 9 Gage wire. Thinking of trying some out of rebar Poundhound
  10. thanks here is a wire shark and horse I did. the shark is on the floor tiles. the others are hanging on the walls.
  11. here is a wire sculpture I made, by just bending some wire and a few areas where I braised the wire to hold it together with some brass braising rod. Even though it is mostly empty space it creates a great effect PoundHound
  12. here is an alligator from bar stock and a railroad spike twisted
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