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  1. Ha I used to live in Didcot. so that has to be pretty close
  2. Currently in West Calder. Though I lived in Airdrie for a bit. Like Id said thats a mighty big forge and remember your only going to be working a few inches at a time. If you read the forums here you'll find plans for 55 forges. Ill pm you my phone number.
  3. And as if by magic or nurning ears. Hi L0RDR4G3 as Mr Dwarf has pointed out. I'm located between Glasgow and Edinburgh. If you are close I'm more than willing to pop round and offer limited advice ( I say limited because I dont know everything). If not Im sure a phone call can help if you ever need advice.
  4. im thinking that a decent sied belt grinder and some stock racks are in that pile
  5. Smoggy at least you had someone with a good eye for a bargain with you
  6. one day ill get back down that way.. Have to get you and John out for a beer
  7. theres never auctions or yard sales like that anywhere near me.. 20+ miles to nearest one and thats a rip off
  8. what kind of length and diameter is a door spring when uncoiled?
  9. Hi JK Welcome to the site. Looks like theres a few of us from Scotland now. Not sure of your skill level. or mine to be honest but if I can help . Let me know.
  10. would a plate welded to the end help the hammer face?
  11. sill question but why would you sit in dry ice?
  12. All closes up nicely but theres a wobble when open. Theres a lug or some kind of bar missing from the front to hold it all steady i think Had this dropped off to me today for a new forge hood ( I hope) 22" (560mm) at small end and 34 1/2" (800mm) at the large end.. Its galvanised though so not sure how to tackle this do i cut holes so i can work through like a tunnel thing or do i cut out !/2 of it for a side blast type hood or just mount it above the forge?
  13. Got this today for £20 GBP. should the spacers in the first pic be so loose?
  14. Wish I could find bargains like that.. Up here no one parts with much cheaply.. Congratulations on that deal..
  15. if it looks cold pick it up with tongs dont hold the hot end in your hand and my favourite.. there's a special place in hell for people that hit cold steel on an anvil
  16. wish i could find a place like that near me.. its almost all mild steel stock holders here
  17. i lucked out I bought some second hand bottles ( 1 oxy 1 acet both 1/2 full and smallish size) about a year back and due to the move I haven't used them then twice this year i've been given oxy/acet bottles both time the larger sizes and both times at least 1/2 full with the last set I was also given lines(hoses) a welding and a cutting torch and a barrow( dont know the correct term) for them to sit on.. I spoke to a fire safety advisor on a course I was on and he recommends that in addition to making sure both bottles are always tuned off to store them as far apart as you can oxy 1 side of the building and acet on the other. If one goes up it will make a huge mess if both go off it will be disastrous he told me..
  18. http://www.tnduction.com/index.php?main_page=products_new Isnt this the same company?
  19. great looking piece.. is the down section welded to the base or does it sit in a holder/keeper?
  20. I use the bottom pan section of a pressure cooker for water and a small fire extinguisher for oil ( powder type) Is there a trick to removing the top section from one of these? I have pretty much an endless supply and thats a great idea
  21. Could it be that the extra hardie holes were for hold downs of some kind? so material in one hardie hole can be supported by the others?
  22. Is an internal keyway the same thing as a woodruff key? A little metal piece that stops a wheel spinning separately around it axis.
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