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My wife had our first son today. We are very tired and very happy.
Eisen is the name we chose, it is German for iron. Hoping that helps him head in the right direction....8-)
Is birthday #1 too soon for an anvil? ( Just kidding. I know hammers are more apropos ... Ha!)
Hope to see you all at the next meeting if I can make it.

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I wish you all the health and happiness you can bear  :) ! 

Cool name for a tough little-future-metal-guy! 


And I think an anvil can make a perfect 1st bday gift - all kids love horseback riding games.


All the bests for the new family!



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Great news Tristan! I'm thinking Eisen started on a good note at 9lbs. it won't take him long before he's big enough to start swinging a hammer. And NO an anvil isn't inappropriate first B'day gift. If nothing else we can warm it up and belt his seat to it till he's tall enough to use it.


Hope to see you at Pat's. Man, you put a BIG smile on my face. Great way to start the day!


Frosty The Lucky.

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Good Morning and congratulations,


I hope all is Healthy. Sometimes people forget about the Parents, too!!!1


Our son received his first wrench, the day after he was born. It was a Snap-On 1/4" combination wrench.

A gift from my friend who was a Snap-On dealer.

It is still in his Tool Box, 32 years later!!



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And when he gets to the age where he wants to complain about his name just tell him your other choice was Tubal and let him consider the joys of going through the school system with that moniker! 


(Tubal Cain, was on my name list for a boy but the wife said NO! and when we had girls wouldn't allow it either---that one would have probably left scars if she hadn't been tired out for labour---I could outrun her.)

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