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Demo checklist

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Got my first demo coming up this weekend so I'm writing myself a checklist, thought I'd post it so people needing a checklist can just print one. Please add to it, too easy to forget something important!
The bits brackets aren't things that I have/use but I'd imagine many people do so I tacked them on.

Newspaper & lighters
Quench bucket
Bending forks/jigs/nail header
Hot cut
Twisting wrench
Wire brush
Rope barrier
Fire rake
Anvil hold down
Hacksaw + spare blades
Work to sell
Display table
Business cards
Finishing wax
Tape measure
Lunch + water
(Photos of previous work)
(Rain cover)
(Sack barrow/trolley)
(Ear plugs)

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I'm doing a day long demo at a museum Saturday myself:

Canvas Tarp, Poles, ropes, stakes---sunshade for the forge

Chair + extra

Medieval style Anvils

Medieval style: Forge, bellows, charcoal

medieval style smithing tools

MATCHES  won't have lighters near fire based crafts!

Mastermyr style Chest to store tools in

Wooden buckets

18th century post vise (for real)

Mild steel, high carbon steel; wrought iron, titanium

Medieval documentation on the items I'm forging

med kit

Basic starter books on blacksmithing to refer people too----roped to the table!


Notebook and pen to record names, leads on smithing equipment, draw items on, etc

Medieval clothing including hat (I don't like sunscreen so long sleeves and a broad brimmed hat!)

wagon to transport stuff from parking lot to site

medieval/renaissance cooking gear.

(Basic tool kit, nails drywall screws duct tape---some other person/group will always forget something and ask the smith to solve their problem...)


Generally I also have to bring my tent, sleeping gear, soap, towels, meds, garb chests, camp cooking gear, lanterns, lamp oil, raised firepit, tripod, firewood...


Or in other words: one person's list might diverge quite a lot from other peoples list......

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First aid kit, extra water buckets/fire extinguishes, copy of your insurance policy, If any of your guy ropes or such fall outside your safety area then you need coloured tape/ribbons to mark them, it may not stop people tripping but at least they are marked for insurance.

Extra things - eyes in the back of your head, ideally an extra person to watch the forge for you, while the forge is lit people expect you to be working, if you are having a drink and just pump the bellows to keep the fire in a crowd will gather. On your own it can be a long hard day. Do not be surprised to spend more time talking than working.

Good luck and have fun

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Yes there is a medieval equivalent of eye protection: first incident: eyepatch; second incident: child to lead you around to beg.


It's a good point; i forget that not everyone wears eye protection everywhere except when sleeping.  Getting my regular prescription as safety glasses was a great thing!  (I swim wearing glasses! I have old pairs of glasses stashed in dedicated places so I can find them if I am not wearing glasses)  A loaner face shield is handy to have stashed under the table just in case someone gets roped in to learn or help...


Matches in a moisture proof container are a good thing and on campouts I put a bit of firestarter stuff in the tin with them just in case...


No the Titanium is not Medieval---it's ancient greek!  (just a joke)  I bring it to show that A it's easy to forge and B it makes a LOUSY KNIFE---I have a Ti eating knife with a shaving cut off it that I did with my beltknife that has an old file as the edge...

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About eye protection. Reenacting does NOT include crippling yourself in the same manner they did it in olden times. Once in a while the period police can get carried away with a little "power". Many years ago I was demoing at a SCA event, not a ren fair but close. A pair of harolds decided my safety glasses were NOT PERIOD and must go! Neither seemed to care about the propane forge but the safety glasses.(OH MY!) They were insistent so I started packing my gear and I sent a lad to fetch Baron Hew.


The results of the harolds arguing with Hew were pretty funny. I was asked most humbly by Hew (part of the act, Hew and I were old friends) if the Smith would consider staying. I hemmed and hawed a while (more of the act) and agreed. After which the harolds were demoted to slop bucket boys and put in my service for the remainder of the weekend.


I'm not a jerk, I have garb and wore it when I participated though not a member but safety gear is nonnegotiable. I'll work without gloves, even in my moccasins but the eye protection stays or I go. Period. Not that I can see well enough to do more than walk to the truck without my glasses, polycarb trifocals with side shields. I wear them all the time and I don't know of anyone getting an eye poked by a computer screen but I do live a sheltered life.


Some folk just have the wrong priorities is all.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Ok, now thats 2 stories in 2 threads that I need more info on.
Frosty, please PM me with details of both the tree and your first hand experience with fire control! :)

For a guy so sheltered in the artic, you have to be one of the most vivid personalities on this forum!

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"I do live a sheltered life"    Frosty; that's the biggest laugh I've had this week!  Particularly for a guy who played Irish stand down with a *tree*!


I'm glad to put a little cheer in your day Thomas. It makes me feel good to see a little irony wasn't wasted.


Just for the record, the tree is DEAD.


I love it when a joke comes together.


Frosty The Lucky.

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I think the Druids are putting a hit out on him....


Me; I'm a big fan of Frosty as he does a lot of the heavy lifting answering the "typical" questions in a way I would so I don't feel the need to do a "me too".    (cue bad joke about "Birched Byah"---ducking, running, serpentine! serpentine!, not opening any small heavy parcels, looking all 6 ways before crossing a street, etc...luckily I am out of the country---at least till 5 pm...)

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Not to detract from Frosty's much deserved love fest, but what would you guys charge for a demo?
Seems like it would have to be an all day thing, especially with the lenghth of these lists, do you have a set day fee, plus whatever you sell?

Who covers insurance?

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