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From an old fashioned guy who has no cell phone and had to look up the meaning of app. When I started learning about blacksmithing in the mid 1960's, I found a U.S. Government Printing Office booklet, 1966, that has helped me over the years, It is National Bureau of Standards Monograph 88, "Heat Treatment and Properties of Iron and Steel."  Admittedly, one must be circumspect in its use, because some material may be outdated, but it is surprising the amount of heat treatment info that can be applied to current steels on the market. It is on line free at Google, Books.

  Frank, here is the book you mentioned online:  http://digicoll.manoa.hawaii.edu/techreports/PDF/NBS18.pdf


By the way, it was nice visiting the other day.

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Finally got rid of my flip phone, and this is the first app I got. All I gotta say is 'Yee haw'.


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Mr. L. Jockey,

Thank you for running down the reference.

I have "bookmarked" that reference.

But is this publication still "in print". I would be happy to buy it. (sometimes Government printing offices hang on to unsold stock, hope hope).

Again, bully for you, thanks & have a great day.

p.s. reading on-line publications of book length, gives me eyestrain, it is hard to flip back & forth whilst reading the text. Each electronic repository has its own syntax & method of organization, necessitating special effort to acquire its idiosyncratic lay-out. YECCCH !!

And reading same in the bathtub is a recipe for electrocution.

etc. etc.

In other words,  it is a Royal pain in the lower affasn(eh)ris.

Regards to all.


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