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  1. Thanks Mr. Newman I appreciate the info for the app, It's gonna answer a lot of questions
  2. 1) Name, Jim Peace 2) Location, Prague, Oklahoma 3) What type blacksmithing do you do, what do you make, I don't have a certain genre of work as of yet, it's just a hobby I reckon. I just want to learn and I'm trying to make tools right now. 4) How and when did you get started in blacksmithing, I used to watch a Ferrier when I was a young adult and I've saw a bit of it at the county fairs. Been reading and studying on the art for about a year.Finally started hands on a month ago. 5) What object or thing did you use as your first anvil, An 18 in. piece of R/R track I got from my brother. 6) Tell us about your first forge, hole in the ground, camp fire, brake drum, stacked bricks, I purchased a champion forge and blower. I went through it and refurbished everything, fixed what needed fixin. Now I think it works real good, though i do believe it needs an upgrade. 8) What event changed your attitude about blacksmithing, Our house went and blew away in the 03 tornado in Moore, Ok.so we moved and built a house on some land. I finally got to build the shop I've always wanted. 9) What tool has changed or made your life easier in the shop , I bought a 100 # anvil from the local ferrier supply and I learned how to dress my hammers. 10) What advice would you give those starting out in blacksmithing, I don't have the knowledge to be giving advice. But I would just say have fun and don't beat the crap out of your metal. Soon enough you will learn metal really will burn up and disappear. 11) What advice would you give those already involved in blacksmithing, Well if their already smithing, they know more about it than I do. Burns are painful. 12) What are some of the interesting things that have happened to you in your life as a blacksmith. I've met some really cool people. I have found it to be a very theraputic pastime. I also learned an interesting lesson about a pair of nice snug fitting new gloves I bought to use forging. If you do something stupid like holding a piece of hot metal to long. When the leather gloves start burning your fingers you CAN NOT get them off fast enough, it's already to late.The burns don't blister on top of the skin, the gloves work and protect your fingers from direct contact with the hot metal . The blisters though are deep under the layers of your skin. oh yea IT HURTS lol
  3. Still more good information guys, thanks......notebook ?????? what dat?
  4. Thank you to everyone posting on this thread. There is a lot of good information and I see myself in a lot of it. (sadly) most of it really . I learn everyday, and it's usually by trial and error. That's why I'm here, to improve the error part. Jim
  5. My name is Jim. I'm new to the forum and I'm new to forging. I want to learn about basic forging and blade making. Seems I've always learned things the hard way lol. I look forward to getting to know the people here. I've already found that there is a wealth of info here and I've started digging thru it. Thanks and hello
  6. Awesome, Thank you for the tips. Now if I can just remember them lol