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  1. Thanks Mr. Newman I appreciate the info for the app, It's gonna answer a lot of questions
  2. 1) Name, Jim Peace 2) Location, Prague, Oklahoma 3) What type blacksmithing do you do, what do you make, I don't have a certain genre of work as of yet, it's just a hobby I reckon. I just want to learn and I'm trying to make tools right now. 4) How and when did you get started in blacksmithing, I used to watch a Ferrier when I was a young adult and I've saw a bit of it at the county fairs. Been reading and studying on the art for about a year.Finally started hands on a month ago. 5) What object or thing did you use as your first anvil, An 18 in. piece of R/R track
  3. Thank you to everyone posting on this thread. There is a lot of good information and I see myself in a lot of it. (sadly) most of it really . I learn everyday, and it's usually by trial and error. That's why I'm here, to improve the error part. Jim
  4. My name is Jim. I'm new to the forum and I'm new to forging. I want to learn about basic forging and blade making. Seems I've always learned things the hard way lol. I look forward to getting to know the people here. I've already found that there is a wealth of info here and I've started digging thru it. Thanks and hello
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