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  1. I haven't watched TV in 2 years but I came across another conversation about this what they said was the tempering goes on off camera because of time and the prosses isn't flashy enough for TV
  2. It was slick almost polished rite before I quenched it and came out with deep gouges and metal swirls in it
  3. I've never had a blade look like this after a quench im assuming it got too hot ?
  4. Yeah guess it would help if i was more specific. Im talking about a small knife shop im using my side porch till i get my shop moved and set back up .Ive 10 different projects going and i know if i can organize/put stuff back ill be able to get things done faster
  5. So how does everyone keep there work space organized im looking for ideas what i got going just is not working lol
  6. Sweet that's gonna be a tough one be real interested in seeing how it turns out
  7. I've got plenty, alot actually - be glade to sell or trade ya
  8. Steve Sells that'll be fine don't want to get rid of it all but if you would like some just let me know
  9. Well im not a beginner but i dont know alot about D2 and the reason i suggested making filet knives from these is because there really flexable and before its said that these may not be D2 i assure you they are 100% positive Well me being who i am im gonna try to forge weld it and will do so till i figure it out lol and i dont know of any other way to heat or heat treat other than my own setup
  10. They are a 1/16 thick and most are only 4.5" long but they will make some nice electrician knives and there are a few longer ones the i may us for filet knives kinds thin but we will
  11. Thanks guys for all the info and i do know that itll rust and itll stick right to a magnet
  12. A friend of mine gave me a bunch of these preferating blades there used in making toilet paper anyway i reserched them there D2 is it possible to forge weld into a billet
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