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I Forge Iron

If you could have any tool, what would it be?

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The answer depends on the individual blacksmith and their current skill and expertise.


I would suggest more time and more space, to be read as any tool that speeds up the process giving you more time, and a larger building which would give you more space.

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I LIKE the Magic Wand Idea 2 taps on the shop & its twice the size :) Hmm 4 tap on the shop = 8000.00 sq' :D

now were talk'in ! a tap in the corner walla BIG PH Oh this could be fun !!

Yep like the Idea Frosty sign me up

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Greetings Josh,


Now that's a tough question..  I down sized when I closed my professional shop BUTT a lot of my tools and equipment still found it way to my north shops .  I have been told before that I have more tools than any 10 men..  WOOPS..  The President of our Michigan chapter told me once that if someone was to drop off an old washings machine in front of my drive that in the morning it would be 10 new tools..  He calls my shops Blacksmith Heaven..   I indeed have been blessed and I enjoy showing my tooling and teaching new smiths.   On the other hand if I was to start taking on new commissions I sure would put an order in for one of John Larsons 150s ...  Now that's a sweet hammer..


Forge on and make beautiful things


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You can ask for all the tools in the world but if you have lost the ability to swing the hammer it ain't worth the breath of asking for it. I want my healthy spine back, I know, not asking for much am I but I sure miss forging steel.


You have that right Jerry, my first wave of the wand would be on my head, I miss those parts of my brain. Actually it's my vision, nerve damage has my left eye out of focus no matter how good the lenses. If I ever get that magic wand I'll whoosh on down and give your back a wish and wave.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Forget the "Eye Want".

You have all the Tools that you need, between your ears!!!  If you want something bad enough, you will figure out 'How to Make It Happen'.

Sure, you will have to make some sacrifices. Get over the Hurdle.


Did you ever wonder why there are more Inventions, during War-Time?????

Lots of reasons, It is called "Learning from our Miss-Stakes". :) :)



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