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  1. caintuckrifle

    Textured jaws

    Grab some thin angle iron (old bed frames work well) clamp a couple length,s the width of the jaws, in the vise and hammer the rest down. Instant vise jaws.
  2. caintuckrifle

    Upsetting Vise

    Thanks John, that is exactly what I am looking for.
  3. caintuckrifle

    Upsetting Vise

    I am looking to build something along the lines of a Calking vise or the Green River vise pictured above. I plan to do mostly bolt heads and hardware.
  4. caintuckrifle

    Upsetting Vise

    I am looking to build an upsetting vise or a tool specifically for upsetting. I have seen the "vertical vise" plans and I am looking for any other ideas. Thanks.
  5. caintuckrifle

    Tuyere plans

    Yes a nice big round fire pot that is part of the table. The tuyere and the clinker breaker/ ash dump is what is missing.
  6. caintuckrifle

    Tuyere plans

    The forge is one that Buffalo produced for commercial applications and vocational schools. I need to get some pictures. I feel that it is beyond a complete restoration and is missing several parts. It is however still a functional Forge with the addition of a few homemade parts.
  7. caintuckrifle

    Tuyere plans

    Are there any good plans for a tuyere and clinker breaker? I need to build one for an old Buffalo forge.
  8. caintuckrifle

    David Cummings Blower

    Is the addition on the post drill flywheel so it can be used with a flat belt?
  9. caintuckrifle

    making a hand cranked blower

    The best bet is probably going to be to build something along the lines of the old frame type blowers with the frame, large flywheel, and the low mounted blower unit. I seem to recall an African made blower constructed in such a way. This one used a bike tire.
  10. caintuckrifle

    Vacuum Cleaner as Bellows?

    I honestly believe a small Dayton type blower is well worth every penny, if you choose to go that route. Also I believe that with a little bit of looking you can find something better than a vacuum or a hairdryer fairly readily. Just my two cents.
  11. caintuckrifle

    Champion 400

    Are gearbox parts for the 9 and 12 inch models the same size and interchangeable? Thanks
  12. I heated mine to non magnetic and quenched it in water by moving it up and down. I did not temper at all. Rebound is great and it hasn't broken yet.
  13. caintuckrifle


    I use and recommend the refractory recipe found on portland cement pearlite sand bentonite clay
  14. caintuckrifle

    Forge ID

    I got looking at a Buffalo Forge catalog from 1896 and it appears that my Forge never had a hood. It lacks all the mounting holes. Instead it used a hood that was suspended over it. It does have some kind of vent on the side that I'm still not sure what it is for.
  15. caintuckrifle

    Forge ID

    I pulled this image from another thread. This is what I have, mine is missing the hood and part of the tuyere. Does any one own one of these or know the model number? I'd like to find out how some things originally went before I plan a course of action.