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  1. Does anyone know how I can contact Joel Sanderson? In recent months his website has disappeared. Thanks!
  2. A rough idea is fine. Mostly looking to know if it's an old anvil or a new one and whether it's any good or not.
  3. I recently bought a Champion 400 riveters forge. It may have another numerical designation but it's a generic riveters forge with the 400 blower. Unfortunately the blower is held to the forge with a big homemade "U" bolt. Does anyone know how the blower was originally fixed to the forge?
  4. I've got a Champion 203 drill that I'm working on rebuilding. I can't figure out how the lever works to bring the quill down. It seems to me the threaded portion somehow needs to be disengaged to allow everything to move downward but I can't seem to figure it out. Can anyone shed any light on this for me?
  5. I moved a 20 inch Buffalo Forge Camelback drill in my Toyota pickup! It was riding low but she worked!
  6. I thought some of you might enjoy seeing a couple of my vises. On top is a 3 inch unmarked vise in mint condition. I'm not sure who made it, is be curious to see if anyone here knows. On bottom is my 8 inch Columbian vise. The Columbian came from a mining company in Northern Nevada and is currently awaiting clean up and being put back to work.
  7. Grab some thin angle iron (old bed frames work well) clamp a couple length,s the width of the jaws, in the vise and hammer the rest down. Instant vise jaws.
  8. Thanks John, that is exactly what I am looking for.
  9. I am looking to build something along the lines of a Calking vise or the Green River vise pictured above. I plan to do mostly bolt heads and hardware.
  10. I am looking to build an upsetting vise or a tool specifically for upsetting. I have seen the "vertical vise" plans and I am looking for any other ideas. Thanks.
  11. Yes a nice big round fire pot that is part of the table. The tuyere and the clinker breaker/ ash dump is what is missing.
  12. The forge is one that Buffalo produced for commercial applications and vocational schools. I need to get some pictures. I feel that it is beyond a complete restoration and is missing several parts. It is however still a functional Forge with the addition of a few homemade parts.
  13. Are there any good plans for a tuyere and clinker breaker? I need to build one for an old Buffalo forge.
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