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  1. If you are talking flat dies still try to find some tough. You will experience wallering on the edges you use the most for reducing stock. If its soft it will occur faster then its hardened.
  2. I love it. Saves both that hand a lot of hand work. You can tell the dust is grossly fine. Not interested in breathing it. The rubber belt machines replaced what i have which is considered simply as a "tumble basket" shot blaster. I wanted one of the rubber belt but the price was right for this unit. This came out of a shop that rebuilt starters and alternators. Mr Viking does a great job. It definitely will.
  3. Recently purchased a Viking Shot Blaster with a tumble basket. It removed the job of sand blasting and wire wheeling the tools I make. The largest batch of hammers I have done right after forging is 30 and that took fifteen minutes. That batch is whats in the photo. Their is a 7 1/2 hp motor that flings the steel shot upwards onto the tumbling hammers. It will find it self into all the crevices and cracks easily.
  4. The PSI does not have as much to do with it as cylinder bore size. Mine is 4" bore.
  5. It weighs about 10,000#-12,000#. Thank you! Thanks!
  6. I picked up this horizontal boring mill in a online auction out east along with some other things. It will be a nice audition for any repair I have or the ranch I live has once I get tooled up. Planning on using it to build a press or two with it as well. About 10' long by 4' wide with MT 5# taper spindle.
  7. Finished this 15ish ton press based on Jim Batson's great book. The goal was to be able to punch a hole in a hammer billet then be able to drive a drift in and forge the blow out from the punching on both sides in one heat. I wanted speed instead of tonnage for less heat input in the punch tip for less galling and damage to it. I accomplished that goal but currently do it two separately to take my time getting the eye right and not have to worry about doing the rest. The motor is a 10hp 3600rpm baldor motor, the pump is a 22 low pressure by 7 high pressure and the tank is about 35 gallons. press video.mp4.crdownload
  8. Here is some recent finished hammers made for mostly farriers. The smaller ones are mostly made of 4150 and the sledge is out of 1045. I prefer 4150 or 4340 over 1045 for smaller hammers due to the abuse of hitting anything from hardened s7 and h13 punches they use for their nail punches. The depth of hardness I think is good long term for folks for do cold shaping of their shoes. The ball peen hammer and cone peen are used for drawing the "source" of a clip on a shoe.
  9. Recent hammer we forged out at the shop. Steel used was 4340.
  10. Hey Marcus. How are you doing? Long time man!

  11. I enjoyed meeting you at steep hallow forge works this last weekend! I look foreword to taking a "class" sometime soon. My name is mark (if that helps ring a bell, to remember me).


  12. Please post pictures what you have repurposed for your shop.
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