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  1. i have seen an anvil like this one and it was an Isaac Nash and sons,not from Sheffield.Nash worked at stourbridge and most seem to be stamped stourbridge.I have a Isaac Nash and sons stourbridge London pat anvil.Also stourbridge i think is very close to where Brooks later set up there could be a conection????
  2. Tell her that in australia that haul would cost 5 times more, congrats deal of a life time.
  3. i have seen a few anvils with that shape and they have been isac nash stourbribge
  4. 2wks ago i found a real scull + lots of bones in a bin medical exibit,it did not come home with me would not like to try and explain that one away
  5. came across these on you tube, all good to vewing power hammer video:
  6. a few months ago a sheffield knife forging vid was posted the man in his heyday forged 2 gross a day i was rewatching it today and noticed the youtube channel had another great vid posted on knife grinding.
  7. thanks frank, you did a demo here in oz at alan ball's muster. you were the the first blacksmith i ever watched. i wish you many more years
  8. mat

    my new little toy

    this is my treadle lath they are fun to play with.