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Back from the other side

eric sprado

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Thanks to all of you for prayers, good thoughts(ala Frank Turley,our moms sound similar!),emails,and even a few cards!!! I have had contact with a few folks here but have waited until it seemed pretty safe to say I'm on the mend to make an "official" announcement.  I had a heart attack out here an hour and a quarter from hospital. Wound up with triple bypass surgery and NO damage to my heart!! Following doctors orders because I DON'T want to go back for seconds. One side effect is that they damaged the nerves controlling my left hand so fiddle playing(most important thing) writing, or swinging a hammer are out for a while. They say maybe up to a year,but I still feel blessed!!!!!!!! It has always been my wont to be a good son, husband,father and to do no unkindness to my fellow human beings or to the Earth. I have not,being human, always been successful. I feel blessed to be given a second chance to dedicate myself more to this Worlds needs!

  Thanks again to all of you!!!!! Eric Sprado, Deadwood,Oregon

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Since I had an Abdominal Aorta Aneurizm 6 months ago ...in two days...I too am blessed to have a re-start. Powers above are allowing me to continue now onto a better path. Helping others is more highly positioned in my agenda, now too.


Glad you are on the mends.



Carry on...but at a slower pace..

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Thank you for the update Eric...And thank your wife to her letting us know when it occured. This has become qujite a community,,,Information about wot you have been through  gives ujs insight. May even be reason for us to look closer at how we are really doing.

I had some issues a few years ago...I lost memory of how to form a chord on guitar and almost all of the songs I knew...The chords came back in a short time.. the songs trickled in..our systems are truly amazing!

I travel your way every several years,,Hope we can play a bit next time I do....See ya!

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