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Prayers for my Grandson

Jerry W.

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My Grandson, Garrett Stewart will be 5 this Sunday. He is getting a CT Scan at this moment in preparation for surgery tomorrow. He has a shunt due to having hydrocephalus. The shunt will have to be branched and extended to a pocket of fluid in the back of his head. This pocket of fluid is close to his brain stem. Your prayers for the surgical team and Garrett would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Jerry

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Our prayers have been expressed for wholeness and the welfare of your grandson Garrett Stewart and his family.
Our request includes that blessing be on the Surgeons (that they may be able to successfully do what is required to establish a healthy balance of pressure) and for all others who may contribute in any way for a successful outcome.

Thank you for the opportunity to allow us to join in with you and others for the benefit of your grandson.
Ted Throckmorton

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Although, I do not always respond to the requests on the board, I do say the prayers. My request last year took my father from death's door and gave us another year and counting. Dad was legally dead long enough that when he came back with stories of angels and heaven, the entire ICU hit their knees. I/we will keep Garrett on our prayer list update us often. Thanks


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My prayers are being sent along with the heart felt relief of a father to hear the little one is doing well.
May God be with you all.
Remember, Sorrow is divided and joy multiplied with good friends and family. We do care.

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Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers. He is doing well and is set for a CT Scan in a couple of weeks. We are thinking the shunt will need some adjusting.
Frosty, Jim, Katie & Slade are on their way north. They should end up in Haines for a while and plan to get back to Anchorage. Quite a drive from South Texas.

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