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  1. You also have the Prairie Blacksmith Assoc. up in Nebraska.
  2. theres a guy in the Prairie Blacksmiths Assoc. who makes a real nice heavey duty canvas bag and a roll up for the punches. shoot me an email and ill get you in touch with him. Ive been usin a bag of his for three years with out a problem.
  3. As a blacksmith in at a museum, Thank Youy for the story. You tell the story with a very good air of honor to both the old man and yourself. Many times the talkers in the crowd are full of hot air, those people make us appreciate the ones that really understand our craft.
  4. RLD

    New Smithess

    congratulations. hope she helps in the shop.
  5. RLD


    nice use of tradional methods :)
  6. RLD

    glena seale

    Prayers from the prairie. Sorry for the loss
  7. Thank You to all that serve the rest. Soldiers Sailors, Law Enforcement and Fire. God Bless you and your families. Thank You
  8. RLD

    Mark Aspery Injury

    prayer from the prairie
  9. Prayer from nebraska as well
  10. RLD

    Dead at work

    prayers from here.
  11. RLD

    My mother

    prayers from here