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    Phenix City, Al, USA
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    Collecting Antique weapons, Kayaking, Fishing, Alabama Forge Council (AFC), Florida Artist Blacksmith Association (FABA) and Artist Blacksmith Association of North America (ABANA) member. Owner of Burnt Finger Forge in Phenix City, Al


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    Tampa, Fla
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    My name is David (Dave) Parker, my sign on name "swordsmandp" is also my ebay handle
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    Collecting Antique weapons, Kayaking, Fishing, Florida Artist Blacksmith Association (FABA) member
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    Retired Military

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  1. Perk, I am not far from you and have never had a problem finding blowers, Alabama is thick in anvils and blowers. Most do need work though.
  2. Quick update and my thanks for all the support, wishes, prayers and Glenn's help. Although not exactly well or even better, they have released dad straight from the ICU and he came home today. There is no telling how much longer he has but he is where he wants to be. His Doctor told me that "over the last 15 years that man has amazed me over and over again, I have lost a lot of patients in better shape, that man is strong, very, very strong". I have to agree.
  3. Dave Parker


    Thanks for the kind words. No worries, I will make sure I get the floor dirty. Thanks for the tips Frosty but you are looking at one quarter of it. Things can be moved around to use more than one forge. Right now there are three and I have another building just out of sight with another work station all set up. This is building two. I enclosed a carport and discovered that it was way to hot to use except on colder days. Five windows and two large doors later, I can use it but not in the summer. My solution was a second carport with open sides, The shade idea is a good one and I may use it on the other side. The sun never hits that corner. Also not seen is the creek, I often get a cool breeze coming off the water. The fishing is good also (slows down my work, lol). I plan to work for a few weeks before I decide on where everything will finally rest. Usually, I work alone but on occasion company comes along and this will allow more than one smith to work.
  4. This is the start of my new smithy. I wanted it to look like a stable from the hwy. I plan to dress up the swing doors and add a brick forge and chimney.
  5. Dave Parker


    Inside view of my new hot weather smithy. It is in line with a creek that helps cool any breeze that comes my way.
  6. spartananator, I joined the Florida Artist Blacksmith Association (FABA) when I was stationed at MacDill AFB. I would pick up whatever metal I needed from other members. We would buy in bulk and save a few bucks. I suggest you contact them, join them and promise that you will be glad you did. They also have plenty of projects on their webpage that will be of use. http://blacksmithing.org/
  7. I am not sure why as I thought I followed all the rules but my prayer request for my father was erased, without warning. That is the first time that has happened since I joined in 2009. My father remains in ICU, he has good days and bad ones and my family and I would like those that will to continue to pray for him and our family. Thank you in advance. My father David M. Parker Sr, is a fighter, having survived the Korean war, multiple tours in Vietnam, a house fire, getting struck by lightning, car wrecks, multiple illnesses and the dramas associated with daily life. I first put him on a prayer chain on IFI on 21 February, 2011. As of this morning, he is still with us and fighting hard. My father is currently in the hospital suffering from COPD, congestive heart failure, a blood infection and kidney trouble. His quality of life is poor, just standing and sitting drains his strength, he gets tired, aggravated and combative but fights through it. I am asking for everyone to pray for him. I don’t want to push my belief on anyone but I would consider it a personal favor if you would find it in your heart to pray. The family and I put him on prayer chains several times and have seen him miraculously bounce back from death’s door many times. Believers already understand the power of prayer and can use any prayer they choose, or the one provided, others just read the prayer below. It can not hurt and just might help. Thank you. Dear God, I ask you to turn David Parker’s weakness into strength, suffering into compassion, sorrow into joy, and pain into comfort for others. May your servant trust in your goodness and hope in your faithfulness, even in the middle of this suffering. Let him be filled with patience and joy in your presence as he waits for your healing touch. Please restore your servant to full health, dear God. Remove all fear and doubt from his heart by the power of God, and may you, God, be glorified through his life. As you heal and renew your servant, God, may he bless and praise you. All of this I pray in the name of God. Amen . 11 March Quick update, a day after they called for a rapid response team, he was sitting up eating a fish sandwich from a nearby dinner. It is looking good. Thanks for all the kindness and please continue to pray. A soft wear issue took this off line for a couple of days.
  8. Here is a woodruff I picked up, lust because it is the only one I have ever seen. It was holding up a Hay Budden.
  9. Looks good Trez, add a ruler and Masons will buy them. I didn't take pictures but I made a few for them. Give my best to the FABA smiths.
  10. I closed in a metal carport and quickly realized my mistake. It gets hot, very hot, even with 4 windows two large doors and fans. In my past occupation, I lived in a shipping container and guess what, it also got hot, very hot. Granted the shipping container had an air conditioner but that did not help with humidity. If I ever build another smithy it may have a metal roof but wood sides that crank outward and allow for better air flow than I have now. What I do now, is use the metal building in cold months (and we do not get many in Alabama) and forge outside the rest of the year. I would suggest you build something closer to a pole barn than a big metal building. Soon, I will be modifying my set up, planning ahead would have saved me a few bucks.
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